Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Course DirecTRICE

so here I am, Back at Ibiza... and happy to be back, is back to reality! ;-)

I arrived Saturday and jumped straight in the water... with DSDs... so really, nothing change, but I'm happy.
Happy to have fulfil one of my biggest dreams...
The course was great!

I met amazing people from 23 different countries!!
So cool!

And now... I have to start preparing IDCs, OMG, I'm going to teach people, to teach people, to blow bubbles underwater!
I love it!

I'm happy!

I arrived at home to an amazing dinner, Thank you Karl!!
And for the last few nights, I keep drinking champagne! life is good! I should do that again!

Phil is back too, and guess what: another bottle of champagne!! yuhuuuuuu

Love you lots!!

I'm happy!!

Sunday, July 14, 2013

Good memories....

.... in pictures for Now... stories will come!!
Thank you all for your support....