Monday, October 21, 2013

oh nooooooo

....Facebook is taking over!
I don't like that at all... but yes, I have to say, Facebook is quicker... you post a pic directly from your phone... make a stupid comment... and that's it, everyone knows that you are alive!

Things have been really good lately.
October came slowly after a grey September... but came full of sun, warmth, flat clear sea and bubbles ;-)

October can be sometimes a little sad too.
You say good bye to some friends (PHIL come back immediately! you playing hard you little goat!) and Jon and Marie, I see you soon!!!, some places start to close... but in the oder hand, you have time to play, and guess what, this island is a play ground!

The beaches are empty, the dive sites are ours... what else can you ask for??

I fell in love with Ibiza a long time ago... but every year, I get more hooked up...
I love the sun rises, the sun sets, the country side and the sea, the calm and the party, the long warm summer days...

here are some pictures...