Monday, May 28, 2012

In Ibiza...

... the party start at 4.30pm!!
Yesterday, was THE day!
We were all waiting for Space opening party!!! yuhuuuu!!!
The season is finally starting, clubs are open, fun is there and most important: the island is full of random people!
Love to go to Space and love to do people watching and jump all over the place like a freak, with no toxic shit in my body:
Like Michel say: really Isa, you don't need drugs... I guess I really don't!

Thank you Paul for the free tickets, we felt like super VIPs jumping the queue and getting in for free when the entrance is bloody expensive!

We start the evening (afternoon) with mojitos and vodka red bull at the little bar next to us.
Was nice... me with one mojito... I'm already in the edge! shame, really I'm a cheap date!!
Then Space.
By the time we went in, around 7pm it was already packed!!
But everybody is dancing, smiling and just so happy (are drugs such a bad thing??). I don't know, but the only place where I have seen 10000 people dancing, drinking and smiling and been happy with no one fight, or one bad look: is Space! people don't really socialise either, but who cares... the music is good... people just want to have fun!

Was a great night, with great people and today... will be a very slow day...

Thursday, May 24, 2012

The story of the bucket

So, the only problem with this dive centre is that the cleaning area is inside.
So the first week I came here I decided to change that! it was no way I was going to be mopping the floor every day for 30 minutes after each dive.
Anyway, I asked and asked for a bucket and at the end they gave me "a" solution:
"we have an rubish, down in the garage, you can use it, we will bring it up to you"
Ok cool, I´m fine with that.
So we waited, and waited... for our massive rubbish to come...
Every day I was going to see the guys from maintenance to ask for it... and always "mañana".
After 2 weeks like that, when the guys from maintenance see me coming, they were running away and saying... mañana...
So finally, today was mañana... the rubbish is here and is disgusting!!!
So with Nick we decided to clean the shit out of it... very nice job for the boss and the manager, just because we feel bad to ask the instructors or DMTs to do it...
Anyway, put a mix of cleaning products inside, the smell was... undescriptable, we couldn´t even breath.
When the bucket was half full of shit water (real shit water), we decided to empty it...
Where?? in the only place we could... the shower...
By the time Nick lifted the bucked, the wheel moved and miss the shower so the dive centre was flotted with rubbish, shitty, smelly water all over: mmmmmmmm, what a nice feeling!
Anyway, all of that after 3 hours cleaning to say that in Spain a 2 minutes job, take about 4 weeks and as well that I´m a shit boss that prefer to clean the shit before asking anyone to do it... shame!

Other than that, Chloe posted 2 amazing pictures on facebook that made me lol!
No, I still not on facebook, but the dive centre have a profile that we share...
Here are the pictures:
Thank you Chloe, love them!!!

Today starbucks saved my life

Tuesday, May 22, 2012


...I just feel happy!
I see my life and I love it.
I think is because I spent too long in cold water and that may have affect my brain!

The sea is so flat today! Unbelievable!
Went for a dive with everyone, Fiona, Michel and Rob.
It was great and lots of fun!
Water was so blue and transparent, and we saw so many flabellines, purples, white and red... great! I will love to put some pictures up, but Rob is learning to use the camera and the macro setting... is not yet mastered!

30m, 45 minutes, 16 degrees... life is good!

Monday, May 21, 2012

That´s my goal...

Let it be yours too!!

The music of DJ Fiona in the morning at the diving centre.
Staring the day with a smile before jumping in 16 degrees water!


Friday, May 18, 2012

got the picture...

...from my cousin Facebook!!
Love it!
Miss them so much.

Such good memories!


So cute...

Maybe it´s just the alcohol... but this picture shows that love don´t have frontieres... or really, it´s just the wine.
Who knows. What is for sure is that they look super cute!
They love the "sofa concept" and a little glass of red before diner!
This morning Mayday had a croissant and ask me for some coffee, bless him, I think he is going to learn really fast that I DO NOT SHARE MY COFFEE!!
Now he is sleeping on the sofa of the diving centre, just chilling out, with no worries, happy dog!

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Can´t wait for tomorrow!!

So that´s where I´m going tomorrow, and honestly, I can´t wait!!
I´m not jumping so much in the water like I´m suppose to... because... I´m basically a shop bitch!
Nooooo, just jokng, it´s just that there is so many things to do out of the water that many days I have to stay dry...
But tomorrow, I´m going out!! yuhuuuuu
I´m going to Formentera, and I really love this dive site!
There is something special about it.
Normally the visibility it´s amazing and there is massive scools of barracudas turning around the massives poles that use to support the structure.
If you look closer, hundreds of nudis and in the holes very big eels!! it´s beautifull!
So actually, I´m excited about it!
I think I´m lucky to be excited about going to work.
Other than that, life is good.
Life is always good in my little bubble.
I had the guardia civil at the dive shop this morning, to control all the paper work, and they were really serious and with the face like a slapted ars, but at the end I manage that the capitain actually smile!!! oh wau!!! incredible! Even the owner of the hotel was surprised!! was funny...
I guess I have to get use to be in Spain again.
Here the diving industry is very... manly!!! shame!
They keep asking if I was really the manager and if I was really a dive instructor, and if really really I could teach diving etc... it was funny!
I don´t get frustrated about it any more...because I think the spanish macho culture will never change!
They got nearly ofended when I said I can dive but can´t cook!!!!!
Mayday is becoming the dog of the diving centre. He is so good.
He still very shy, but now he gets a little closer to people... is a little antisocial, but I guess he choose very carefully who to love: clever cooky!

Other than that I´m enjoying to live in Ibiza. Really love this Island and I´m so glad I decided to come here for the summer.
Sometimes you take bad decisions, and sometimes very good ones, so you keep the balance!
To come here was definitively a good one!

The good thing as well is that I´m close to my familly and my friends (goatsssssssssss this is for you!!) so I expect visits!!! yuhuuuu!!

Lots of love

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

I have this song in my head....

I woke up, and that´s the tune that came into my head...
So here it is...

Have a sunny smily lovely day!

Monday, May 14, 2012

So much fun...

At the medieval market!!
Manage to make the boys wear flowers on there heads!
Total 70 revival!!!
Loved it!!!!

Here some pics

Friday, May 11, 2012

In love with Nicolas... the little one...

Yesterday we had a surprise at the diving centre!
Stephanie came to visit (she is the super woman, gorgeous, intelligent, mother, worker etc…) with her little son: Nicolas.
He is so smiley and cute, I think he is a potential boyfriend for my niece, but as well he is the perfect Dive Master !! He loves the fashion of the diving gear, he adores to carry tanks and he loves cleaning!!! (Steph, I think Nico spend far too much time with you!!).
It was lovely to have a break in the day!
I hope you guys come and visit more often!

Things are getting done and in place at the diving centre. The problem with Spain is that everything will be done tomorrow (manana, manana….) and most of the time tomorrow is too early!
But hey, we will get there.
I guess my tone of caffeine during the day don’t help.
I keep wanting to hurry things and the people from the maintenance of the hotel run when they see me coming… but I run faster!!
They ask me before saying hello if I have a list for them of things to do… shame…
But they smile, so maybe they don’t hate me yet!
Tomorrow I starting a rescue course with a Spanish DMT, so that’s pretty cool. Can’t wait to make him swim!!

Actually this project of making a dive centre work from the beginning is pretty cool, stressful sometimes (but I love this little stress that comes with the challenge), but the team is great, and this summer we are going to rock!

Rob makes us laugh all the time, like the other morning, Nick asked:
-       “ Is anyone of you have a computer with excel file? And Rob answered
-       No, sorry mate, I just have a D4!!”
Shame, but so funny!

This week end there is a Medieval market in Ibiza town, and is going to be great!!

Anyway, a little thing to finish that Gandhi said:
“Whatever you do in life will be insignificant, but is very important that you do it!”

With this, have a lovely day!

Wednesday, May 9, 2012


So, what is new on the drifting Island? In case you don't know they say that the Balearics Islands just drift... no attachment to the ground, so maybe that's why so many people come to Ibiza to get lost and then... find themselves...
The sun has been shinning every day and little by little the Island is getting busier.
I like nice and quiet, but we need divers!!!
We have been a little busy, so that's very nice, some courses here and there and some discover scuba diving too!
So we are pretty happy.
Water is cold, but clear and so blue!!

The great thing is that we have some time for us, to have fun and to see the island now that is not so busy.
I will put some pictures soon, but the DSDs are coming back and I need to do some work.... paper work.... grrrrrrrr.....
Loving it!!!

Will be back soon...

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Week end in Denia...

So that's it!
The dive centre is officially open!
Yesterday was an amazing day, sunny, blue sea... perfect!
We picked up Rob (yuhuuu!!) and Michel at the airport, so the team is nearly all here now!
I will put more things on, but I wanted to post some pictures of my super nice weekend in Denia!
Guess what??
I spend the week end eating, reading and sun backing with a tone of Monoi!!
It was nice to be with the family and to pick up Mayday and Jack!!
Now the little beasts are in Ibiza!
Today my spirit is hight!
I'm happy! happy to understand that I see life with bright new eyes, and that I smile!
To be scared is not the solution.
I'm not scared of living, shouting, laughing, saying stupid things, hugging, loving , be me...

Hope you are smiling at life!

Lots of love




                                  One of my favourite walks

                                               The tower..

                                           My hairy friend

                           With my parents, filling up my energy!

                                Early morning at the market