Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Bye bye PP

Going to the classroom, and then back to my island, Thank you Kontiki to give me a ride!!

News to come... as soon as technology reach me...


... back to my island tomorrow, back to what for me is civilisation!!
Back to the hills, the beach, the quiet, to annoying Karl ;-), back to no internet and lots of diving! sweet happiness...

February is a crazy month, but is going to be even more crazy... is short, if in a normal month I already feel like there is not enough days, then, this month: CRAZY!!

I will try to keep posting news... but with no big promises, because from tomorrow... that's it: No connection!!

In a way is really nice, like that I don't spend my sleepless night on the PADI web site (my dad call me psycopadi, and that's a little worrying...).

Anyway, sending you all lots of love and happiness

just me.

This pic make me think of my niece!!!

Monday, February 11, 2013


.... chilling for 5 minutes with Julie on the beach...

Thursday, February 7, 2013

more pics...

same same

Up the stairs, my ars will be back in place in no time!!! hahaha, I hate gravity!!

My sister say that I have a Mafia face...

same again...

for my sister Cecile....

and down the stairs.... so much easier...

For Cecile...

Poddy tired...

I really needed...

... to go and find the beauty of this place...
And you know what, is just there... in the places where there is no one!!!

Poddy and my back back on the top of PhiPhi

Check out the woman behind me, hihihi...

I want a house like that... but in Ibiza, anyone know where I can find it??

What is wrong with people???

So I have been in PhiPhi for over a week now, and my question is:

What is wrong with people?
Are they f...ing retarded?
Extremely un-respectful?
Or just totally un-polite?

I know that Karl always says that when people are on holidays they forget there brain at home... do they forget they education as well? or is the world totally forgetting that to be polite is actually very important.

The first or second night I was here, a group of people, that lucky me, were sleeping next door, came back from party at 3 o clock in the morning, shouting, banging in every door, etc... so badly that even the people from the guest ouse across the road started shouting to them to stop.

Yesterday, I hear a bang on my door, and ask: Who is there?
No answer...
Bang again.
I get closer to the door: Who is there?
No answer...
Bang again stronger.
I put my face against the door and practically shout: WHO - IS - THERE
Answer: I think I have the wrong door...

Seriously? how many times you have to bang on the door to realise?

In the streets is even worst...
People just pushing you around, like you are invisible, maybe I am, and I didn't realise... incredible. All the people grabbing you to try to sell anything to you, diving, drinks, boat trips... Why are you touching me?
Can you don't say: Excuse me, are you interested in...
No, people have to grab you!

So now what I do, is practically run everywhere, do what I have to do, and come back to my room (I wish I could say quiet room, but no...), yesterday again people decided that it was much more fun to party underneath my window, than going to a bar on the beach!
Party is great, but COME ON!!!

Today I have a day off, so I slept until late this morning, morning is the best time to sleep on this island, and now, soon, I'm going to get ready to go to the view point again... is too hard work for all this party people to go out there... so I love it!!!

Have a lovely day

ps: I'm not miserable, is just that I don't understand!!!

Maybe this is the answer.....

EANx course

With Stefi

My little Aimee (not Amy)

With Rich, the CD

Aimee is actually standing, and me i'm half way down, she is so tiny I could put her in my pocket!!!


Coming back to land

Stefi and Rich

Stefi and Adam

Nearly sunset...

With Sean, a little of Ibiza team in PhiPhi

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Monday, February 4, 2013

Confines today...

Thank you Andrey to take this really cool pictures!!

looking looking

Rich giving the mistakes to the candidates

Adam doing his briefing

Adam underwater waiting for Rich to finish giving the mistakes

more mistakes??

Adam in briefing or debriefing

Sunday, February 3, 2013

Saturday, February 2, 2013

Exotic manuals...

As i told you yesterday, there is a Chinese student doing the IDC.
So guess what? all her manuals are in chinese!!!
So yesterday in the classroom I was so concentrated (not), that I took her encyclopaedia to take some pictures...
So funny!!

So that's physics in chinese... at least the formulas are the same!!

This picture is special for Karl, the floating devices. I swear I looked everywhere for the ring of death, and is not in the manual, they missed it! I'm going to write an email to PADI to make sure that they put it in!!!

And underwater creatures!! the page look more like a menu from a chinese restaurant!! I think it's very funny. As well Rich is always making jokes about French people eating frog legs, and of course he said so in the classroom, and Amy (not her real name, is an adaptation of her Chinese name) start laughing, and I told her, "Amy, you are not allowed to laugh, because there is no one thing from the pADI encyclopaedia that you have not eaten" it was so funny, she has a good sens of humor, bless... she is tiny and the first day we went to confined waters, she put her tank on her back and she fell back words, she was on the floor, legs up, arms up... like an optimist tortoise!!!!!

More stories to come... for sure....


Skill circuit in the bay!

China vs Sweden vs England...

Stories to come... very shortly!