Thursday, February 7, 2013

What is wrong with people???

So I have been in PhiPhi for over a week now, and my question is:

What is wrong with people?
Are they retarded?
Extremely un-respectful?
Or just totally un-polite?

I know that Karl always says that when people are on holidays they forget there brain at home... do they forget they education as well? or is the world totally forgetting that to be polite is actually very important.

The first or second night I was here, a group of people, that lucky me, were sleeping next door, came back from party at 3 o clock in the morning, shouting, banging in every door, etc... so badly that even the people from the guest ouse across the road started shouting to them to stop.

Yesterday, I hear a bang on my door, and ask: Who is there?
No answer...
Bang again.
I get closer to the door: Who is there?
No answer...
Bang again stronger.
I put my face against the door and practically shout: WHO - IS - THERE
Answer: I think I have the wrong door...

Seriously? how many times you have to bang on the door to realise?

In the streets is even worst...
People just pushing you around, like you are invisible, maybe I am, and I didn't realise... incredible. All the people grabbing you to try to sell anything to you, diving, drinks, boat trips... Why are you touching me?
Can you don't say: Excuse me, are you interested in...
No, people have to grab you!

So now what I do, is practically run everywhere, do what I have to do, and come back to my room (I wish I could say quiet room, but no...), yesterday again people decided that it was much more fun to party underneath my window, than going to a bar on the beach!
Party is great, but COME ON!!!

Today I have a day off, so I slept until late this morning, morning is the best time to sleep on this island, and now, soon, I'm going to get ready to go to the view point again... is too hard work for all this party people to go out there... so I love it!!!

Have a lovely day

ps: I'm not miserable, is just that I don't understand!!!

Maybe this is the answer.....