Saturday, February 2, 2013

Exotic manuals...

As i told you yesterday, there is a Chinese student doing the IDC.
So guess what? all her manuals are in chinese!!!
So yesterday in the classroom I was so concentrated (not), that I took her encyclopaedia to take some pictures...
So funny!!

So that's physics in chinese... at least the formulas are the same!!

This picture is special for Karl, the floating devices. I swear I looked everywhere for the ring of death, and is not in the manual, they missed it! I'm going to write an email to PADI to make sure that they put it in!!!

And underwater creatures!! the page look more like a menu from a chinese restaurant!! I think it's very funny. As well Rich is always making jokes about French people eating frog legs, and of course he said so in the classroom, and Amy (not her real name, is an adaptation of her Chinese name) start laughing, and I told her, "Amy, you are not allowed to laugh, because there is no one thing from the pADI encyclopaedia that you have not eaten" it was so funny, she has a good sens of humor, bless... she is tiny and the first day we went to confined waters, she put her tank on her back and she fell back words, she was on the floor, legs up, arms up... like an optimist tortoise!!!!!

More stories to come... for sure....