Thursday, June 28, 2012

Very very silly!!

Hi everyone...
Has been a little while...
To be fair, I was thinking about stopping my blog... but for the moment I will stick to it. I must have a lot of stupid stories in my head ready to pop out!!

I have been busy too actually, lots of people, lots of diving and lots of accounts to do... grrrrrrr...
But everything is going real good!

Yesterday we went to dive to the platform in Formentera, for me one of the prettiest dive sites here.
It´s just amazing!!
So after a lovely ride on the boat, we arrive to the dive site, sea was perfect, flat, clear and so blue!
Put on my rash vest x 2 and I was finishing to put my semi dry on (the water at 30m is actually 17 degres still!!), but the zip broke... (actually my own fault, didn´t put any grease on...).
We try ones, twice... ten times... nothing.
Divers sweatting on the boat, capitain getting stressed... so fuck it... I´m going in my bikini + rashees...
First 10m ok, I can do that.
Next 13m still ok, no shivering yet..
Next 7m, OMG!!! that was cold!!

It was so cold, that I actually didn´t feel my body anymore, so I didn´t even feel the cold any longer!! I guess that´s what hypothermia must feel like!!!

After 35 minutes, for the first time, I was thankful my divers were not so great on air!! we went up and took me ages to warm up again!!

Silly me!

My semi dry is ok now, ufffffff, so I will be fine!!

Here are some pics to proove my stupidity!

Today I found that on internet as well, and I think it goes pretty good with how I feel sometimes!!

Lot´s of love from a silly cooky!!

Isa xxx

Friday, June 22, 2012


SUMMER is here!!!
And with it the PERFECT EXCUSE to have ICE CREAM every day!!

You have to love summer, is sunny, warm, there is the sea, people are smily and you can have lots and lots of ICE CREAM!!!
Loving it!

Today we had our first ice cream day at the dive centre!

I think that´s one of the reasons I love to live in warm countries, you can have Ice Cream all year around!! yuhuuu!!!

Lots of love, sunshine and ice cream for all of you!!!


Thursday, June 21, 2012

Sun is shinning...

Ibiza is shinning today.
I woke up this morning feeling like something was going to change in my life... for the moment everything is still the same, but I know, that something is going to change, I feel it in my stomach.

My coffee still taste the same, my dog still smell the same, but there is something in the brise, that tell me that there is change to come.

Sometimes I don´t know what it is, I just feel it.
Maybe I dreamed something, or maybe my "200km/h" brain is playing with me... I will never know, it´s just a feeling!

I keep going to hot yoga, the other day with my cold, I couldn´t breath and I nearly died... it´s a little bit of an exageration, but I though I was going to pass out!
I still love it! I think the teacher is great. Very energetic... I really don´t know how he manage!

The sea is getting warmer, but there is this thermocline at 20m, where the temperature drops from 23 to 16, where you feel that your hands are going to fall off! but then, when you come back up... it feels so good to be warm again!!

We had a bird at the dive centre that last 2 days. We are "freedom" supporters, so we didn´t want to put him in a cage, so of course he floo away... maybe he will come back.... we never know!
Anyway, I think with a dog and a cat I´m already sorted! NO MORE PETS!!!

The litlle birdy: SCUBADUBA!!
And that´s where I´m looking in today: looking for my magic!! where is it? I think is in my heart and I think anything can happen!


Tuesday, June 19, 2012


Hahaha I think is funny!!

A new member in the Team!

This is SCUBADUBA, the new member of the team!
But guys I swear: I´m not taking it home!!!!

Oh! and my mantra of the day:

Monday, June 18, 2012

I choose try harder!

I just saw that today, and it works for me... everyday.
I walked away twice in my life, I will never do it again. It didn´t work for mr, it didn´t work at all. So now I just try harder, and harder, and harder, because I belive that good things will eventually happen!

Today I received the incredible news, all the way from London: one of the most important persons in my heart is getting married!!!
I wish you all the best guys, and hope that your life will be pure happiness!
Congratulations Sand!! Love you so much!!

Life is about moments... moments like that.
Full of good news... there is bad ones too... but they shouldn´t win our hearts!!

Today I feel a little melancholic. I think I had a strange dream, that I can´t remember, and I woke up with some strange douts... but they went away...

A good song, good friends and an ice cream do the job!



Friday, June 15, 2012

Little things...

That just make you feel better.

I went on the boat today with an advanced course. The first dive was nice, but the visibility was not so nice, but the second dive: ohwauuuuuu!! very clear water, full of life, a little chilly, but so beautiful.
The thing is that even if it´s early season, I have this massive cold today (thank you Mica!!), so by the time I was back on shore... I didn´t have any energy left!

Had some lunch... and in my lack of energy, went to get an ice cream (ice cream is good for everything!).

Having my Ice cream, Michel (he is a boy with a girl´s name) put some music on: very depressive Nirvana song.
So I´m sitting there, sick, feeling like shit, having to listen to that...
I look at Michel and said: "Do you have any other music that don´t make me feel like the urge of cutting my veins?"
Rob: " actually I think Kurt blow his brain with a shot gun after writing that song"
Michel: " Listen to that I want to blow my brains with a shot gun"
Isa: "that´s because you have never had a MAGNUM Gold"

You see... today Magnum could have save Kurt life!!!


Wednesday, June 13, 2012

I just love randomness

I just realise that I have not been random on this blog for a little while...
So this is randomness from today!

Thinks that made me smile, think... not cry... (except the accounts moment....).


   I want one!!

                                                             Hahahaha, that´s what I do...

do I?
During my yoga instructor course, with my yoga buddy Rachel!
The moon, always the moon

 I never do

Exactly what I want!

10 things... just 10!

10 Things to Remind Yourself on a Daily Basis

Bad days can be extremely overpowering sometimes. When we're having a bad day, everything feels wrong and the day seems to get even worse as we sink further into frustration and despair. By the end of the day, all we want to do is pull the covers up over our heads and block it all out.  

When I clawed my way out of a depressive phase last year, it was a daily challenge to keep myself from falling back into that phase again. I had to go through a process of re-building my self-esteem and re-evaluating my life. But there were days when I was not very successful with these things and the negative thoughts that stayed with me for so long would interfere again. 
It sort of felt like climbing up and over a steep hill and every time I let a negative or discouraging thought sink in, my foot would slip and I would roll all the way back down to the bottom of the hill and have to start all over again.   

On the bad days, I would feel like it would never end and that I would always be unhappy.  

To achieve mental balance, I have to make a habit of reminding myself of a few important things that I think we all tend to forget when there is a black cloud looming over our heads.  

1. Do not lose sight of what truly matters. Does that clogged sink signify the end of the world? Are you going to remember or even care that the stranger you smiled at in the coffee shop didn’t smile back? When we’re having a bad day, we seem to zoom in on petty things and complain about them. Next time you’re pulling your hair out over something, ask yourself if it really matters. 
2. It is okay to be alone or pull back from the world. Sometimes we just need to step back and re-evaluate a situation, a relationship, or just life in general. When I went through my healing period, I spent a lot of time alone as I tried to become my own best friend again. If you need to go into hiding for awhile and work on stitching yourself back up, take the time to do that. It is so important to pull back and spend quality time with yourself every now and then.
3. You are not always in control. You cannot predict when certain things will or should happen, or how everything will turn out. Sometimes you just have to stop pushing and let go.
4. What other people think is irrelevant. I was a miserable slave to the opinions of others. It got to a point where I was trying so hard to please everyone but myself. Don’t let your immediate reaction to criticism be to change whatever it is you’re being criticized for. Do whatever feels right to you, regardless of what other people have to say about it.
5. Don’t give up. If you’re fighting for something that means a lot to you, do not stop fighting whenever you happen to fall short. Remember why you are fighting for it.
6. You don’t have to know all the answers. No one ever has life all figured out. We are always learning and growing. Life itself is a mystery and it’s okay to feel clueless sometimes.
7. You are enough. All of us have had times in our lives where we have thought, “I’m not smart enough or pretty enough or strong enough or exciting enough to do _____.” Give yourself a chance instead of forming limiting beliefs.
8. Stay present. Try not to dwell on the past or worry about the future. Take everything one day at a time.
9. Your feelings will not kill you. I know that heartbreak, grief, depression, or resentment might make you feel like you’re dead and breathing, but you have the strength to get through whatever life throws at you. Hold on and see yourself through it.
10. You are human. This is probably the biggest reminder of them all. You will make mistakes. You will hurt other people and other people will hurt you. You won’t always feel happy and positive. Next time you feel the urge to beat yourself up over any of these things, remind yourself that you are an imperfect human being instead.


No need for words, yesterday night was a great night for the first Flower Power party of the season in PACHA!

I love Ibiza!!