Wednesday, October 31, 2012

31.... it's official...

... last day of the season!

So what have we been doing...

Karl, working, working and as well working, for him is busy season now and he has a lot of weddings to edit.
And me, way less glamour, cleaning, packing, cleaning, and cleaning....
Is like we have been living with handicap people all summer, and instead of picking up shit, they just walk around it!!
(Matt and Rob, I love you very much, but OMG!!).
Other than that the IDC is finished, and I'm a MI yuhuuuu (Master Instructor), so I'm actually very happy about that.
Little steps....

I was very happy to have my little sis here for 10 days (at least she is an OCD, so the house was clean :-).

Michel sent me a message today, he is going to Bonaire tomorrow, and Rob is going to India.
The other day I went to clean up the dive centre and I was really missing them... very quiet without them...

So, the summer went very quick, and overall, it was a good summer.
I met very nice people, dived a lot, laugh a lot, but as well sometimes got very very angry and frustrated!

But now that the season is finished, I just smile!!

Thank you to all for this good season, to make me a big part of who I am, and specially you Karl, to listen to me at night complaining and blablabla for hours... you are a star... but me too hey!!! hahahahaha

 With my sister during her IDC, yuhuuuuuuuuuu

 On the boat, with the boys!!! very blue.....very cold!!!
 On a Don Pedro day, thank you Michel for this nice picture!
With Roman, that came to visit all the way from Russia, we love you!!!!

Tuesday, October 23, 2012


.... some freeeeee time.... *maybe 15 minutes, with some internet connection....

So I can post some pics of the fantastic week end in Formentera!!

BTW, I drove a VESPA!!! how cool is that!!!
I think.... very very cool!

Sunday, October 21, 2012

The calm....

...before the storm....

Oh wauuuuuuuu!!!! where are my days going.... ah, yes.... I nearly forgot: teaching on an IDC (Instructor developpement course), wauuuuu intense!!!

Last week end was the most relaxing, we went to Formentera, rented a motorbike and saw all the islands, all the little roads, eat nice grilled fish.... incredible... the calm... (pics to come tomorrow if I get 5 minutes like today).

And all this week and week end I spend 12 hours in the classroom/freezing swimming pool!!!


On the IDC there is an English/French, a Belge, a Spanish/french (my sister) and an English!! plus the course director (english) and the crazy Idc Staff (that will be me).

Anyway, have to run back to the classroom, just escape to do a pic online, check some accounts and call the capitain because apparently our boat is crashing on the beach (niiiiiceeeeeee).

Tomorrow more and better, with the pics of Formentera!!! What an amazing Island!!!



ps: Mayday gets his balls cut off tomorrow... I feel a little bad...

Friday, October 5, 2012


So, like always, running around and getting crazy!
They say in October the season is calming down... but here, not really: we are very busy!!!
We have been getting a lot of locals for courses.
All psycho-maniacs that don´t listen to anything you say and just want to go deep!

Yesterday I had one of this days... where everything breaks down:
- first the printer run out of ink and then the new ink stuff didn´t work and make the paper jam all the time, doesn´t matter if you don´t have 4 owd starting in the afternoon that need all the PADI paper work!

- Then the compressor decided to have his own personality and keep stopping, so by 18h00, I didn´t have enought tanks for today!!!

This morning the van was going to go to the ITV revision, it was going to fell for sure, but we didn´t even make it there, because on the way to work: the van break down!!!
In the middle of a round about.
So I had to push the car with Jandro to the side of the road...
Suddently, after trying a couple of time, the car started again, making a very black black smoke that cover all the back: disgusting!!
We manage to arrive to work, very slowly, and scared!! hahahahahaha

Anyway, there is days lie that, I guess October is the time where things start to give up, and you just have to be thankfull that they didn´t gave up before!

Matt (DJ/Driver/Flat Mate) is leaving tonight and Rob is moving in on Sunday...
So the appartement still: The Auberge Espagnole!!

Little by little planning the next moves, but very little by little because to plan more than the next day, really stress me out!
So I guess.... we will always be the last minutes!!!

Karl is working hard at the moment, many weddings to edit, it´s his very busy time of the year!

I´m posting here some pics of my recent courses and stuff, a little mix of randomness...

Hope you are all well,


Monday, October 1, 2012

sailing to the end of the world...

... and back...

                                              We are going to need a bigger  boat!!!!


Little snacks before departure

Karl, our captain for one day! loving it!!

                                                             Cousins power!!!!

                                               Amazing sunset, amazing light!!!