Sunday, October 21, 2012

The calm....

...before the storm....

Oh wauuuuuuuu!!!! where are my days going.... ah, yes.... I nearly forgot: teaching on an IDC (Instructor developpement course), wauuuuu intense!!!

Last week end was the most relaxing, we went to Formentera, rented a motorbike and saw all the islands, all the little roads, eat nice grilled fish.... incredible... the calm... (pics to come tomorrow if I get 5 minutes like today).

And all this week and week end I spend 12 hours in the classroom/freezing swimming pool!!!


On the IDC there is an English/French, a Belge, a Spanish/french (my sister) and an English!! plus the course director (english) and the crazy Idc Staff (that will be me).

Anyway, have to run back to the classroom, just escape to do a pic online, check some accounts and call the capitain because apparently our boat is crashing on the beach (niiiiiceeeeeee).

Tomorrow more and better, with the pics of Formentera!!! What an amazing Island!!!



ps: Mayday gets his balls cut off tomorrow... I feel a little bad...