Wednesday, October 31, 2012

31.... it's official...

... last day of the season!

So what have we been doing...

Karl, working, working and as well working, for him is busy season now and he has a lot of weddings to edit.
And me, way less glamour, cleaning, packing, cleaning, and cleaning....
Is like we have been living with handicap people all summer, and instead of picking up shit, they just walk around it!!
(Matt and Rob, I love you very much, but OMG!!).
Other than that the IDC is finished, and I'm a MI yuhuuuu (Master Instructor), so I'm actually very happy about that.
Little steps....

I was very happy to have my little sis here for 10 days (at least she is an OCD, so the house was clean :-).

Michel sent me a message today, he is going to Bonaire tomorrow, and Rob is going to India.
The other day I went to clean up the dive centre and I was really missing them... very quiet without them...

So, the summer went very quick, and overall, it was a good summer.
I met very nice people, dived a lot, laugh a lot, but as well sometimes got very very angry and frustrated!

But now that the season is finished, I just smile!!

Thank you to all for this good season, to make me a big part of who I am, and specially you Karl, to listen to me at night complaining and blablabla for hours... you are a star... but me too hey!!! hahahahaha

 With my sister during her IDC, yuhuuuuuuuuuu

 On the boat, with the boys!!! very blue.....very cold!!!
 On a Don Pedro day, thank you Michel for this nice picture!
With Roman, that came to visit all the way from Russia, we love you!!!!