Monday, May 27, 2013

Lemon Tree

Today, is the opening of Space, but really this year, I don't want to go!
Today has been an amazing day.
Woke up late, just because yesterday night I had a meeting and kept drinking coffees and fell asleep at 5 o'clock... nice..
 A little bit of laundry, a little bit of doing nothing and I went with Phil for a bicycle ride.

My bicycle rocks! With a basket at the front (with a flower, of course) and a ring ring ring... very cute.
So here we went for a 2hours ride... or more...
Sun was shining and we got lost... loving it!

All the back tracks, in the middle of the fields... super beautiful... and full of fruit trees!!!
It was so much fun, because we keep stopping to still cherries, and peaches, and LEMONS!!

The challenge was to get at least 6 lemons to make an amazing lemonade back at home, nearly at the end of the ride, we still have only one lemon in the basket, so we stopped in the middle of the road and Phil super lemon Gypsy, ask me to hold his bike, and nearly went INSIDE a garden an took 5 lemons more!! I was on my bike just shouting: come on! go! go! go! hilarious!

As soon as we arrived at home, we made a very tasty lemonade... so good and refreshing...

Life on the island, life on the Med, just life... you have to love it!

preparing for the ride


Stilling.... upsssss, the fruits are actually out of the garden...



happy rider

At Atzaro, amazing place

on the fields

100% Ibiza

100% enjoying

Sunday, May 26, 2013


... the full moon of yesterday...

I don't think that one day I will get tired of her!

ps: we did a little competition without looking when it was going to be full moon in any calendar, just looking at her.
and I win!!!! ;-) (Special smile for you doudou!!)
Now we play the game of the elevator... we have to guess the one that will be to our floor first.... why not...

For the moment I'm going to do the competition with myself to see if I manage to watch a full episode of Scrubs without falling asleep...

Good night everybody
Don't forget to look at the moon!

Friday, May 24, 2013


Merci Bernard pour le CD de ZAZ!
Je ne sais pas si tu as remarque qu'il y a une chanson qui s'appelle:
"La lune"
et une autre qui s'appelle
"Oublie Loulou"

Tu connais mon histoire... tu connais la chanson!

Mais c'est moi cette nana ou quoi???

Hahahahahaha, j'ecris plus tard!!!

bisous a tous!!!

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Ibiza life...

... so days are passing by... very busy, so it's all good!
Love my new apartment and like always love my job... even if sometimes I really feel useless... like with the computer stuff... grrrrrrrr, I just don't like it!
Put me in the Nature and I can survive, put me in an office with cables and computers and I will last 2 days...

Ibiza still the island where everything can happen.
On Saturday night we all went out for one glass of wine (it was boys night out... but apparently, I allowed), and we ended up... in PACHA until 5 oclock in the morning!
Great night, lots of fun... and a little bit of a headache the next day... just a small one...

Sunday we went to the beach, first to Benirras, but because of the dog we were kicked out (so they kick us out, and is full of junkies everywhere... really??? the police in Spain have they priorities mixed up!), but at the end it was great because we went to Portinax to chill out on the rocks and Mayday was feeling "sexy and free", so free that he went crazy running after a Cormorant and the poor bird decided that he didn't want to run away and started attacking Mayday! Hilarious!!!
Just another day in the sun!

We were so tired anyway on sunday night, and monday... and I think the boys still a little tired now ;-)

But sun is shinning and the sea it's amazing and even if today I'm not feeling it, I just put some pics from sunday, and that gives me a good feeling!

I hope everybody is good and having a good one!

Love, always...

just me

We didn't know yet... but it was going to be a long night!

Benirras Atmosphere

Before been kicked out by the GREENS!!

Very small tired eyes ISABELLE!!

The cormorant is underwater, so so funny!!

I nearly forgot about our staff pictures, we took them on Friday afternoon, in the middle of the street, people were looking at us a little bit funny, but it was hilarious!!! A very surrealistic team!!! love it!!!

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

walking slowly... or trying to...

... but surely... or trying to don't loose my balance...

Life is actually good!
Finally we left Bernard's house, quiet and peaceful...
The boys and I move to an amazing apartment, 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms and the Nespresso machine!! hahahaha
We have a beautiful terrace and we live in the village! happy days!

The dive centre is kicking up, Rescue course tomorrow, Open Water this week end... (all in Spanish, so my ars is going to freeze, but I will be fine, because I will be UNDERWATER!!).

Mayday is a little depressed to don't have a massive garden to run around, but Bernard is picking him up and do "dog Sitting", thank you Bern, you are a star!

I had a surprise visit from Henry!
So, when I was in Bali, I had this DMT (that nobody wanted, shame), is actually a very nice person, a little "trashy" but a good heart!
What makes me smile, is that he has not change a bit, and I think he manage to scare Rob! hahahaha, you have to be pretty good to scare Rob!

Normally the order from Cressi arrives today to the diving centre, and guess what?
I order one more mask exactly the same than mine, that will be my 3rd spare, but I'm so scared that it go missing and Cressi stop making them... like my sis Paloma says... is my second face ;-) probably  a nicer one, than the first one!

We went for a walk the other day with Phil (my doudou) and we got lost!!!
It was so much fun!
I love to get LOST! and more in an island, because eventually you fall in the water!!

Hope you are all good!

Love, always... me

In the wild

Beautiful light

Ready to walk, I promise myself to put this trousers in the rubbish... but I love them so much!! My boy shorts!!!

Playing with this picture... I just like this picture!

Sunday, May 12, 2013

The picture of the day...

Bernard and I making wishes at Es Vedra, as Karl say, where the magic happens...

One of my wishes came true.... I ask one for each circle...let's see what the future brings me! ;-)

Saturday, May 11, 2013

Medieval Market ;-)

This is the time of the season when... we actually have time ;-)
So yesterday, after our amazing day, we decided to go to the Medieval Market in Dalt Villa (Ibiza's old town).
The plan was: go home, shower, get ready, go, pick up Rob and have diner all together at the Medieval.
The plan became: go home, have a siesta, send Rob a message to let him know that we will be late, have a shower, sit down with friends to chit chat, have some champagne to celebrate, be late, carry on chatting, be really late, decided that it was time, try to call Rob, rob was missing, received a message from Rob telling me that he is diving cutting a line stuck in a propeler and that he will be late.... even later than us...

So we left home and went to pick up Rob, it was nearly 9pm, and actually when we arrived, he was just coming out of a car, still in his wet suit.
So we waited a little for him to get change, and went to Ibiza town to have fun with everybody.
Everybody was drinking already when we arrived, so we sat down, empty belly, to drink and celebrate!

By 11pm (I think) we started making a move to the amazing streets of Dalt Villa, the Medieval Market make an amazing atmosphere, full of people eating and drinking in the streets, having fun, enjoying! love it! super beautiful!

So we went all the way up the city, stopping here and there to get food and picky things.... thank god we were walking walking walking, otherwise I don't know where we would have put all this food (probably in my hips!! ;-)).

Anyway, lots of fun, good company, good food, CHAMPAGNE but no tigers (shame :-).

Some pics from Phil, 

Have an amazing week end

Just me

PS: Rob, now you look like Indiana Jones!!

Tuesday, May 7, 2013


Today, I’m actually so angry!
People take control of my life and I hate it!
My life is mine!
Many time I get taken by my “mother Theresa” sindrom, but many others… no.
People just decide for me, and I’m sick of it!
There is no reason for that to happen.
If I can deal with my shit, I can deal with my peace too!
Why my shit is mine, and my peace is for everyone???
How stupid is that!
I’m not a lot, but what I am is for people that want to take it exactly the way it is.
Ilogical and a little crazy, passionate and energetic, full of life and most of the time happy… but is my own fault, I realise that I let people break my happiness (and my inexistant balls) because of what???
Any answer?
Any logical answer?

Anyway, I just wanted to take out of my chest this shit!

Other than that had my first night out in Ibiza the other day… no late, back at 2, but is always a Start for the warming of the summer!

Actually today a “calin” will be nice… I don’t really want to talk about happy staff… merdeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee, I need a good fight!! Hahahahaha

ps: j'ai envie d'exploser la tête de quelqu'un dans une anémone!!! pauvre anémone, mais bien fait pour celui que j'attrape!

Oh les voleurs de fruits!!! 

First night out!
Belgium vs Spain/France

a pic that I took in Madrid, that make me think:

Friday, May 3, 2013

Ibiza, loving it!

So, what’s new in my little World…
Actually Ibiza is treating me very well, no complain!

The dive centre i sopen, and little by little we are sorting things out, like for example, the 2 big holes on my roof!!
In Spain, everything is manana, manana… and for me, everything is yeaterday, yesterday… so is actually a little stressing… but you have to smile about it!

Even if everyone is very busy, they stop working at 11 am for coffee (and Wisky and wine, you have tol ove construction men…), then at 2pm everyone desapear until 5pm anda t 5:30 is time to go home, because the day was super long: WHAT?????
Anyway, Spanish life, Ibiza life!

Rob is here!!!! yuhuuuuuuuuuuuuuu, this man doesn't change and I love it!! very funny!!!

I have a new toy called: Nespresso machina!
It’s wonderfull, you press a botton and you get the best coffee ever!! Mmmmmmmmmm, I can go through the  day with a smile in my FACE!
Coffee diving and yoga: perfect combination!

At Bernard everything is amazing.
The other night we had dinner with people that were in the island from 1968!! Amazing!! Real hippies! Real hippies, but we were all drinking champagne! Hahahaha

Luciano is teaching me to play the drums, I’m sure I’m rubbich but is fun to put my mind in something else than diving, dive centre, yoga and blablabla….

Here some pictures….

Hope you are all good happy and smily!
Peace, love and sunshine

qu'est ce que tu me racontes?? hahahaha

Rock and roll

and Mayday bitting the base!

Walking walking, fighting gravity: ars up!!!