Saturday, May 11, 2013

Medieval Market ;-)

This is the time of the season when... we actually have time ;-)
So yesterday, after our amazing day, we decided to go to the Medieval Market in Dalt Villa (Ibiza's old town).
The plan was: go home, shower, get ready, go, pick up Rob and have diner all together at the Medieval.
The plan became: go home, have a siesta, send Rob a message to let him know that we will be late, have a shower, sit down with friends to chit chat, have some champagne to celebrate, be late, carry on chatting, be really late, decided that it was time, try to call Rob, rob was missing, received a message from Rob telling me that he is diving cutting a line stuck in a propeler and that he will be late.... even later than us...

So we left home and went to pick up Rob, it was nearly 9pm, and actually when we arrived, he was just coming out of a car, still in his wet suit.
So we waited a little for him to get change, and went to Ibiza town to have fun with everybody.
Everybody was drinking already when we arrived, so we sat down, empty belly, to drink and celebrate!

By 11pm (I think) we started making a move to the amazing streets of Dalt Villa, the Medieval Market make an amazing atmosphere, full of people eating and drinking in the streets, having fun, enjoying! love it! super beautiful!

So we went all the way up the city, stopping here and there to get food and picky things.... thank god we were walking walking walking, otherwise I don't know where we would have put all this food (probably in my hips!! ;-)).

Anyway, lots of fun, good company, good food, CHAMPAGNE but no tigers (shame :-).

Some pics from Phil, 

Have an amazing week end

Just me

PS: Rob, now you look like Indiana Jones!!