Wednesday, May 15, 2013

walking slowly... or trying to...

... but surely... or trying to don't loose my balance...

Life is actually good!
Finally we left Bernard's house, quiet and peaceful...
The boys and I move to an amazing apartment, 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms and the Nespresso machine!! hahahaha
We have a beautiful terrace and we live in the village! happy days!

The dive centre is kicking up, Rescue course tomorrow, Open Water this week end... (all in Spanish, so my ars is going to freeze, but I will be fine, because I will be UNDERWATER!!).

Mayday is a little depressed to don't have a massive garden to run around, but Bernard is picking him up and do "dog Sitting", thank you Bern, you are a star!

I had a surprise visit from Henry!
So, when I was in Bali, I had this DMT (that nobody wanted, shame), is actually a very nice person, a little "trashy" but a good heart!
What makes me smile, is that he has not change a bit, and I think he manage to scare Rob! hahahaha, you have to be pretty good to scare Rob!

Normally the order from Cressi arrives today to the diving centre, and guess what?
I order one more mask exactly the same than mine, that will be my 3rd spare, but I'm so scared that it go missing and Cressi stop making them... like my sis Paloma says... is my second face ;-) probably  a nicer one, than the first one!

We went for a walk the other day with Phil (my doudou) and we got lost!!!
It was so much fun!
I love to get LOST! and more in an island, because eventually you fall in the water!!

Hope you are all good!

Love, always... me

In the wild

Beautiful light

Ready to walk, I promise myself to put this trousers in the rubbish... but I love them so much!! My boy shorts!!!

Playing with this picture... I just like this picture!