Monday, December 26, 2011

I have to do some gardening! New Therapy!

Mango tree,
Angus and Julia stone

I wish I had a mango tree
In my backyard
With you standin next to me
Take the picture
From her lips I heard her say
Can I have you
Caught up on what to say
I said you do

I said you do
I said you do

Through my eyes I can see
A shooting star
Weavn its way across the sea
Somewhere from mars
Down the street we would run
To scratch our names in the path
Young and free in the sun
Wheels upon the tar
I said you do
I said you do
I said you do
I said you do

And this is...

The coconut Retriever (rubbish eater Island Dog!):


Thank you Cecile!!!

My sister sent me some videos of xmas back in Madrid!
Love them!

Thank you Cecile to send me the family atmosphere!!

Love it!

Another xmas...

...came and went...

I hope you all shared all your happiness with all the people you love.

Here in St Martin it's sunny and warm, but we have xmas too!

So what about xmas here:
First of all, I decided this year to make chocolate chips cookies and Muffins... for the people that really know me, they know that the kitchen is NOT my field, but hey, why not giving it a try? every body say that cooking can be very therapeutical and calming (yes, right!).

So I made my first cookies. Is anyone have heard about baking soda????
I didn't until now!
When my cookies were rising like crazy, I started to ask myself some questions... but wasn't until we try them and discover that they were disgusting, that we didn't realised that instead of 1/4 of a tea spoon of baking soda, I put 1/4 of a cup!!! So that is that for our nearly death experience... so I baked them again, and the second ones were delicious... but we were very careful to take the first bite!

Then I have to say that I'm a good muffin maker! this ones came good at the first try. Now my house is full of cookies, muffins and ingredients to bake crazy flavour stuff, but I think that people around me are scared to try, and they don't want to say anything... shame...

So, that's it for my cooking therapy.

Then there is animal therapy too!
If you reading this, you know that Jack Sparrow is/was the new member of the family.
Now, there is Mayday too!
A cute coconut retriever (so, rubbish eater island dog), he was in an adoption centre and hey... why not!?
I spend all my youth bringing random animals at home (at my parent's, they were very happy... mmmm... not), so why not in my new home?
He is very cute. Sleeps, eats, shits... but he will learn... I hope... if not, I abandon him again! just kidding!! love him, he is funny!!!

So with all my therapies, the diving and the yoga, I'm keeping myself busy.

See you soon ;-)

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Just a quick one...

... to introduce you to:

Jack Sparrow!!

Part of the family from yesterday night, to maintain the rats from the palm trees away from our terrace...
At the moment he is just destroying the few things that there is in the house and running crazy with his collar... he hates the gling gling gling....


XMAS came early!!!

First of all: Merry xmas to all of you!!
I wish you all the best, mostly happiness and good health!
I wish I could be closer, but in a way, I always am... (or is I am always???).

Anyway, for me Xmas came early!!!
I had very amazing surprise visit from my cousin Kiko!!! One of my favourite persons!
They came sailing from Spain to St Lucia, and took an express decision to take a plane and spend 2 days in St Martin!
Actually, it worked out that the same day they came, we had the keys for our new house!! No water and No electric... but if you can live on a boat in the middle of the Atlantic, you can live anywhere!

It was amazing to see them and amazing to have a mini Xmas picnic with cadle lights and my cousin playing the guitar and singing xmas songs!! (probably that's why the neighbours still not talking to us...).

So, what a better xmas present that have a little piece of my family close to me for a couple of days??
Thank you guys for coming over and to give me such a smile!

Happiness is about little moments like that!

All my love and Merry xmas to all!!

Friday, December 16, 2011

Just because I feel like it!

sometimes the surface... amazing too!
Yesterday it was a bad sea day.
The sea has her own character  too.

Sun was shining, but the wind was super strong!
I'm training my driving boat skills, and really... I was myself... and apparently, it was not so bad!

I did a dive and then did surface support on a dive site called turtle reef.
It was so cool to look at the sea and see them popping up they heads to take a big breath before going down again.
If I didn't see 12 turtles, I saw one that was a very bad "free diver"!!!

Surface as well can be nice and quiet.
In the middle of the see... feels good...

I wish sometimes life was a little like that: slow, quiet, relaxing...
I guess you make it yourself!

So I wish you all a nice slow, quiet and relaxing day!

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Be Kind to yourself...

During my month in Ibiza doing my Yoga Instructor course, I learned something very important, that I have not really done before:
To be kind to myself.
My body, of course, but mostly, my mind.

Yesterday was an amazing day, clear blue sky, calm water, and 4 dives....
When the day finished... I had the most beautiful sun set on the beach, and took time... time for me... doing something nice... just "taking the time".

I just came back today from 2 very nice dives again, had some lunch, and a big fat chocolate muffin... for me, this is to be kind to myself!
Sometimes you just have to dig your teeth in a lot of chocolate... elevate the spirit!!

I don't know what tomorrow will bring, but I will remember to take it with to hands and a wide smile... because it works!
Thank you Caro and Gui to bring such a smile to my face!
Can't wait to see you both again soon!!

Lots of Love

PS: love the shorty!!!

Do you take enough risks?

Levi’s advert
“When all is said and done,
Have you done or said enough?
Have you just gone along for the ride or have you steered destiny’s hot rod?
When you leave this world,
Did you make it any better than it was when you arrived?
All you need is all you’ve got:
Your wits and the clothes on your back,
Your epitaph is yours to earn, your legacy is yours to make.
Go forth."

I don't own any Levi's but I think this is good!

Sunday, December 11, 2011

slowly, but surely...

To build something can take for ages, and even more when we are talking about a blog!! For me, this is like "Mission Impossible".

Where is the old pen and paper gone? For me, he still in my bag, every day...
I arrived to St Martin nearly a month ago now. And little by little I'm making my life here on the Island.

Diving, Diving, Diving and "Yoging", "Yoging", "Yoging", as well as running crazy looking for a bigger place to stay (at the moment when I do a "Sun Salutation" I bang my hand on the lamp, my foot on the wall and I put my other foot IN the dinner...), a car (with actually four wheels please) and of course some basics furnitures, like a bed... (I can't thank my mother enough to make us grown up going to second hand places, where you find a treasure underneath a pile of...).

Anyway, is looking like slowly but surely, my life is getting organise...
I will try to keep my blog as active as I can, at least with nice quotes that I love to find in books, adverts or just walking along the beach...