Friday, December 16, 2011

sometimes the surface... amazing too!
Yesterday it was a bad sea day.
The sea has her own character  too.

Sun was shining, but the wind was super strong!
I'm training my driving boat skills, and really... I was myself... and apparently, it was not so bad!

I did a dive and then did surface support on a dive site called turtle reef.
It was so cool to look at the sea and see them popping up they heads to take a big breath before going down again.
If I didn't see 12 turtles, I saw one that was a very bad "free diver"!!!

Surface as well can be nice and quiet.
In the middle of the see... feels good...

I wish sometimes life was a little like that: slow, quiet, relaxing...
I guess you make it yourself!

So I wish you all a nice slow, quiet and relaxing day!