Monday, December 26, 2011

Another xmas...

...came and went...

I hope you all shared all your happiness with all the people you love.

Here in St Martin it's sunny and warm, but we have xmas too!

So what about xmas here:
First of all, I decided this year to make chocolate chips cookies and Muffins... for the people that really know me, they know that the kitchen is NOT my field, but hey, why not giving it a try? every body say that cooking can be very therapeutical and calming (yes, right!).

So I made my first cookies. Is anyone have heard about baking soda????
I didn't until now!
When my cookies were rising like crazy, I started to ask myself some questions... but wasn't until we try them and discover that they were disgusting, that we didn't realised that instead of 1/4 of a tea spoon of baking soda, I put 1/4 of a cup!!! So that is that for our nearly death experience... so I baked them again, and the second ones were delicious... but we were very careful to take the first bite!

Then I have to say that I'm a good muffin maker! this ones came good at the first try. Now my house is full of cookies, muffins and ingredients to bake crazy flavour stuff, but I think that people around me are scared to try, and they don't want to say anything... shame...

So, that's it for my cooking therapy.

Then there is animal therapy too!
If you reading this, you know that Jack Sparrow is/was the new member of the family.
Now, there is Mayday too!
A cute coconut retriever (so, rubbish eater island dog), he was in an adoption centre and hey... why not!?
I spend all my youth bringing random animals at home (at my parent's, they were very happy... mmmm... not), so why not in my new home?
He is very cute. Sleeps, eats, shits... but he will learn... I hope... if not, I abandon him again! just kidding!! love him, he is funny!!!

So with all my therapies, the diving and the yoga, I'm keeping myself busy.

See you soon ;-)