Wednesday, December 21, 2011

XMAS came early!!!

First of all: Merry xmas to all of you!!
I wish you all the best, mostly happiness and good health!
I wish I could be closer, but in a way, I always am... (or is I am always???).

Anyway, for me Xmas came early!!!
I had very amazing surprise visit from my cousin Kiko!!! One of my favourite persons!
They came sailing from Spain to St Lucia, and took an express decision to take a plane and spend 2 days in St Martin!
Actually, it worked out that the same day they came, we had the keys for our new house!! No water and No electric... but if you can live on a boat in the middle of the Atlantic, you can live anywhere!

It was amazing to see them and amazing to have a mini Xmas picnic with cadle lights and my cousin playing the guitar and singing xmas songs!! (probably that's why the neighbours still not talking to us...).

So, what a better xmas present that have a little piece of my family close to me for a couple of days??
Thank you guys for coming over and to give me such a smile!

Happiness is about little moments like that!

All my love and Merry xmas to all!!