Tuesday, May 7, 2013


Today, I’m actually so angry!
People take control of my life and I hate it!
My life is mine!
Many time I get taken by my “mother Theresa” sindrom, but many others… no.
People just decide for me, and I’m sick of it!
There is no reason for that to happen.
If I can deal with my shit, I can deal with my peace too!
Why my shit is mine, and my peace is for everyone???
How stupid is that!
I’m not a lot, but what I am is for people that want to take it exactly the way it is.
Ilogical and a little crazy, passionate and energetic, full of life and most of the time happy… but is my own fault, I realise that I let people break my happiness (and my inexistant balls) because of what???
Any answer?
Any logical answer?

Anyway, I just wanted to take out of my chest this shit!

Other than that had my first night out in Ibiza the other day… no late, back at 2, but is always a Start for the warming of the summer!

Actually today a “calin” will be nice… I don’t really want to talk about happy staff… merdeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee, I need a good fight!! Hahahahaha

ps: j'ai envie d'exploser la tête de quelqu'un dans une anémone!!! pauvre anémone, mais bien fait pour celui que j'attrape!

Oh les voleurs de fruits!!! 

First night out!
Belgium vs Spain/France

a pic that I took in Madrid, that make me think: