Friday, October 5, 2012


So, like always, running around and getting crazy!
They say in October the season is calming down... but here, not really: we are very busy!!!
We have been getting a lot of locals for courses.
All psycho-maniacs that don´t listen to anything you say and just want to go deep!

Yesterday I had one of this days... where everything breaks down:
- first the printer run out of ink and then the new ink stuff didn´t work and make the paper jam all the time, doesn´t matter if you don´t have 4 owd starting in the afternoon that need all the PADI paper work!

- Then the compressor decided to have his own personality and keep stopping, so by 18h00, I didn´t have enought tanks for today!!!

This morning the van was going to go to the ITV revision, it was going to fell for sure, but we didn´t even make it there, because on the way to work: the van break down!!!
In the middle of a round about.
So I had to push the car with Jandro to the side of the road...
Suddently, after trying a couple of time, the car started again, making a very black black smoke that cover all the back: disgusting!!
We manage to arrive to work, very slowly, and scared!! hahahahahaha

Anyway, there is days lie that, I guess October is the time where things start to give up, and you just have to be thankfull that they didn´t gave up before!

Matt (DJ/Driver/Flat Mate) is leaving tonight and Rob is moving in on Sunday...
So the appartement still: The Auberge Espagnole!!

Little by little planning the next moves, but very little by little because to plan more than the next day, really stress me out!
So I guess.... we will always be the last minutes!!!

Karl is working hard at the moment, many weddings to edit, it´s his very busy time of the year!

I´m posting here some pics of my recent courses and stuff, a little mix of randomness...

Hope you are all well,