Friday, November 9, 2012

little by little

Craziness is the word to describe my life on the past week (or maybe longer and I didn't know about it).

On the 3 of November we said bye bye to Ibiza.
I wish it was as simple as that... To say good bye is to pack your last 6 month in a few bags, and carry dg, cat and my amazing bicycle!
We took the ferry, with exactly:

Number of stairs to go up and down with this shit: many........ too many......
We manage to get our selves in the boat, after stopping the traffic of people and running up and down (forget about the gym, this is way better).
Because life is never easy, all the animal cages were full (when I actually booked one more than a month ago...), so I had to go up the stairs (yes yes, believe it or not there is a lot of stairs on this boats), to reorganise the pets of other people, that of course they had to call one by one with the megaphone. Imagine:
"The owner of the cat that is inside a cat box inside the dog cage, please come to pick it up".
But that was not all, when I tried to put Mayday inside this cage, the cage was for a small dog, you know, like very small, so his bum was to fat!!!
So we had to call someone else, to take a small dog from a big cage and put it on the small cage... you have to love people, you really have to LOOOOOve Spain!

We finally make it to Denia. That was nice.
By surprise Carmen and Fernando (my cousins) were there just for the day with Isa (one of my little cousins) and a friend of hers.
So we got some quality time, eating paella and mojama, enjoying the beach in November and watching an amazing sunrise the next day:

Anyway, any time in Denia is an amazing time, even if it's short....
So we left as well the next day, my dad came in the morning and we all left (bags, dog, cat....) around 1pm to head out to Madrid.

Madrid was not very relaxing.... busy, very busy...
So this winter Asia is on the menu again, but because we don't want that the dog and the cat catch anything strange, or be in the menu of anyone either, we decided to leave them in England.
What we didn't know is that from 2012 there is a new law to enter animals in the UK.
They can not fly in any plane with passengers!!!
So we had to find a company to send them to the UK and this is actually very hard!
Most of them are crazy expensive and actually just want your money and don't give a shit about your little hairy friends... (hahahahaha).
So took time and phone calls and emails and coffees and cigarettes to actually find a company, to take the animals to the vet, and to get as well cages ready, bags ready, bank things ready, flights ready etc etc....
But we managed!

Karl is now in the Uk, waiting for the little ones and visiting family and friends.
Me, I just landed in Munich this late afternoon and received the best hug ever from my amazing little niece.

So now is relaxing time, at least until tuesday, when I'm back in Madrid, and the animals have to be sent, and I have to pack my bags, and and and.... it will be fine....

"At the end everything it's ok,
and if it's not ok
it's because it was not the end yet..."

With this,

Good night