Thursday, November 29, 2012

My life is bizarre....

My life is bizarre, but is the way I like it.
I woke up this morning, came down the stairs of my guest house, and my flip flop were not there. I checked, looked again and again (I have to say that the other day I misses the door of my guest house and thought that they closed it with all my stuff inside… but it was just the wrong door), but no, my nice green flip flops were no there.
I have 3 pairs of flip flops, some girls I shoes and bags, me I love bikinis and flip flops. 3 pairs of flip flops at home, here I just brought my favourites, the confi ones, my green ones… As well with the colour they have, they are difficult to miss, even if there is 15 pairs of flip flops in front of the door!!
So I walked to the dive centre barefoot, not a major probem for me, but there is some areas of this islands that are pretty disgusting and I didn’t really want to buy another pair.
So sat on the IDC all morning and by lunch time went home to work a little on my business plan (I have a very exciting life lately!). And guess what?? My flip flops were there!! Hahahahaha, it was probably somebody from the staff that took them to go somewhere… and put them back… I love Buddhists really… No stealing!!! Good girls!! The only think is that they must have been massive for the girl that took them, because the girls here have tiny feet!!!

The second strange think today… that’s actually weird…
I was having a quick coffee with Imma, and chating and laughing about the presentations today, when suddenly a girl come and stand in front of me. She looks at me, and she is so, so familiar.
“Do you know who I am, we went to school together”
Fuck, of course!! She was in my last year at school.
And she said “I saw you laughing and I recognize you straight away!”.
We start chating, and It was very nice because she said “I have been thinking a lot about you, because I left my job and decided to become a Dive Master, and I remember at school you were all the time going on and on about diving, about becoming a dive instructor etc etc…”.

I was weird but nice. Sometimes I don’t remember if diving for me has always been a long time passion, or it happened later… but no, it has always been a long time passion, so I’m so glad that today I feel like I started diving yesterday!!

It's a pic of this summer, but I love it!

So yes, my life sometimes (many times) it’s bizarre, but bizarre it’s a good reminder, about how cool things are when they happen out of the box!!!