Saturday, November 17, 2012

Brrrrrr it’s cold in England!

Yes it is!!!

So I left Madrid yesterday very very early morning and arrived to London, early as well, and Phil and Karl came to pick me up!
Oh my god it’s cold in England, so cold, cold and wet.
My sister told me in Munich “Only poor people or stupid people get cold” and what about people traveling to a warm country through the UK that don’t want to pay extra baggage allowance and didn’t take enough jumpers????
Ohhhhh it’s 8 degres at 1h00pm and wet!!!
Anyway, like always is so good to be in London at the Goat Massion!
I love them and I love the place, the house, the atmosphere…. Everything!
Even if the weather is crap, I love to walk along the river (fuck, it’s the Thames, and I’m walking next to it and I saw a FOX!!!) and there is nothing more relaxing than having a glass of wine with the goats…
There is something about this place, that makes you feel good, and I’m not only talking about the toilet paper, there is only one house in the world where they actually buy Karite butter toilet paper! Do you know how soft is that in/on your bum! It’s amazing….
As well, there is an amazing pschit pschit, for the next one that goes to the bathroom after you had enjoy the Karite butter toilet paper that is summer tropical breeze…. Lovely, suddenly you are on a sandy, warm lovely beach! No need to go anywhere.
There is the Thames for diving, the bathroom for the tropical breeze and the bar downstairs for the party side!!! What else do you need???
Hahahahahahahaha, I know, 40 degres and 30 degres underwater!!! But this is for very very soon!!

Now we are in Wales, cold and grey, but lovely to see everyone too.
Oh my god Kieran has grow up!!! And the little ones too!! It’s great because Kieran is going to take care of the dog and the cat during the winter (even if I think that Kate, Ron and Anna a lot too).
I think is going to be difficult to leave them.
This morning actually when we went to pick them up, they were so happy and excited to see us… that I felt a little sad to think that in Sunday I will be leaving them again…. But I know they will be fine, we are in a farm!!! Lots of land, horses, another dog and all the sisters of Karl around to give them love!! Fantastic holidays in the country side.

Chilling out next to the chimney, eating nice warm soup and freezing my ars every time I go outside to smoke a cigarette!
But is a good moment to start thinking about all the stuff I have to prepare for the winter!

Anyway, lots of frosty kisses
Just me….