Saturday, November 10, 2012


... Today was a very very nice day.
Weather was great and not freezing so for the first time, I can actually breath in Germany!

My niece came to wake me up, early (eaaarrrrlyyyy) morning. You have to understand that she has 6 elephants sleeping in her bedroom, that every night we have to make sure that they are all out (even from underneath the bed), but of course, in the morning they get very hungry and they wake her up, with the penguins (maybe 6 of them as well, depending of where we are).
She remind me of the little girl in "Chocolat" with her Kangaroo, Pantoufle.

Anyway we had coffee, a few of them, and then got ready and left to an amazing lake outside of Munich.
It was gorgeous.
You could see the Alpes and all the trees were orange yellow, red... autumn  it's beautiful.

So we run, played, fed the ducks etc, etc... and all the penguins were with us... amazing!!

Then, we went into town all the rest of the afternoon. It was very very busy but actually very nice to be walking in the city (it's busy, but so very organise).

Then we came back home after been in the most amazing outdoors sports shop I have ever seen in my life! There is a mini lake in the middle to try floating devices, there is a room at minus 20 degres to try the mountain gear, there is another room where it's pissing with "rain" to try the waterproof gear and the best of all things: climbing walls!!! so we took out our shoes and start climbing inside the shop!! pretty cool!!! and really fun.

I think my niece is amazing, and it's great to see how naive we were ones and how incredible the imagination is. I love imagination! takes you... anywhere...
(with penguins and elephants that I had to kick out of the bedroom again tonight and them ask them to keep quiet in the corridor of the flat, way to noisy this elephants!!!).