Saturday, November 24, 2012


Where to start, where to start….

First, the question of the hour: yes, it was horribly hard to say good bye to the boys and yes dad, to the family as well, but I know that you are all in good care and good hands! (but I miss you all anyway).

So left cold England (actually, very cold England) and arrived to very warm Thailand.
The flight was great, took my drugs, woke up an hour before landing! Lucky me! I have such an amazing conversation when I fly… the total silence…

(This picture is soooo nerdy!!! Goodbye UK!! hahahahaha)

 Who is the one in drugs then??

One night in BKK  (where of course I didn’t sleep at all, but I read my book: “Fifty Shades of Grey” and finally at chapter 7, sex has started! I was nearly going to ask my sister if she was joking about the “porno” book or not!) and down to the islands.
The trip was good, and arriving here is like arriving home.

Not a lot have change really, same same, but different! (prices are a little up… but what can you do, some call it progress, me I call it shit!).
The first day, the house was sorted (we have a little house on the hills, lovely, and with a kitchen… Karl is happy… me, I will be avoiding it, except for coffee in the mornings!), and … I worked the next day!!! Yuhuuuu! 3 amazing 60 minutes dive with such great divers… and guess what: the water is at 30 degrees… loving it!

Now I’m on an IDC for about 2 weeks, it started yesterday, so will see... The candidates are very nice, a girl from Spain, a girl from Sweden and a guy from Russia (that remind me a lot a lot of our friend Roman, ok, ok, maybe is a little bit of a cliché, but it’s so true!).
Karl was starting to work today as a photographer, so basically all good this side of the world!!

Hope everybody is good, miss you.
Thank you as well for taking care of us and the hairy boys back in Europe!!