Thursday, June 21, 2012

Sun is shinning...

Ibiza is shinning today.
I woke up this morning feeling like something was going to change in my life... for the moment everything is still the same, but I know, that something is going to change, I feel it in my stomach.

My coffee still taste the same, my dog still smell the same, but there is something in the brise, that tell me that there is change to come.

Sometimes I don´t know what it is, I just feel it.
Maybe I dreamed something, or maybe my "200km/h" brain is playing with me... I will never know, it´s just a feeling!

I keep going to hot yoga, the other day with my cold, I couldn´t breath and I nearly died... it´s a little bit of an exageration, but I though I was going to pass out!
I still love it! I think the teacher is great. Very energetic... I really don´t know how he manage!

The sea is getting warmer, but there is this thermocline at 20m, where the temperature drops from 23 to 16, where you feel that your hands are going to fall off! but then, when you come back up... it feels so good to be warm again!!

We had a bird at the dive centre that last 2 days. We are "freedom" supporters, so we didn´t want to put him in a cage, so of course he floo away... maybe he will come back.... we never know!
Anyway, I think with a dog and a cat I´m already sorted! NO MORE PETS!!!

The litlle birdy: SCUBADUBA!!
And that´s where I´m looking in today: looking for my magic!! where is it? I think is in my heart and I think anything can happen!