Thursday, June 28, 2012

Very very silly!!

Hi everyone...
Has been a little while...
To be fair, I was thinking about stopping my blog... but for the moment I will stick to it. I must have a lot of stupid stories in my head ready to pop out!!

I have been busy too actually, lots of people, lots of diving and lots of accounts to do... grrrrrrr...
But everything is going real good!

Yesterday we went to dive to the platform in Formentera, for me one of the prettiest dive sites here.
It´s just amazing!!
So after a lovely ride on the boat, we arrive to the dive site, sea was perfect, flat, clear and so blue!
Put on my rash vest x 2 and I was finishing to put my semi dry on (the water at 30m is actually 17 degres still!!), but the zip broke... (actually my own fault, didn´t put any grease on...).
We try ones, twice... ten times... nothing.
Divers sweatting on the boat, capitain getting stressed... so fuck it... I´m going in my bikini + rashees...
First 10m ok, I can do that.
Next 13m still ok, no shivering yet..
Next 7m, OMG!!! that was cold!!

It was so cold, that I actually didn´t feel my body anymore, so I didn´t even feel the cold any longer!! I guess that´s what hypothermia must feel like!!!

After 35 minutes, for the first time, I was thankful my divers were not so great on air!! we went up and took me ages to warm up again!!

Silly me!

My semi dry is ok now, ufffffff, so I will be fine!!

Here are some pics to proove my stupidity!

Today I found that on internet as well, and I think it goes pretty good with how I feel sometimes!!

Lot´s of love from a silly cooky!!

Isa xxx