Monday, June 18, 2012

I choose try harder!

I just saw that today, and it works for me... everyday.
I walked away twice in my life, I will never do it again. It didn´t work for mr, it didn´t work at all. So now I just try harder, and harder, and harder, because I belive that good things will eventually happen!

Today I received the incredible news, all the way from London: one of the most important persons in my heart is getting married!!!
I wish you all the best guys, and hope that your life will be pure happiness!
Congratulations Sand!! Love you so much!!

Life is about moments... moments like that.
Full of good news... there is bad ones too... but they shouldn´t win our hearts!!

Today I feel a little melancholic. I think I had a strange dream, that I can´t remember, and I woke up with some strange douts... but they went away...

A good song, good friends and an ice cream do the job!