Thursday, June 7, 2012

I love Ibiza

Season is picking up.
It´s good, it makes me feel  good!

The end of last month was crazy, because I had to do accounts… I hate it! I´m just not good at it! Really not!
For me is very disturbing to count the Money, put it in an envelope, and count it again the next day and guess what: THE AMOUNT IS DIFFERENT!! How can it be even posible???
Don´t know… what I do know is that I spend the last 5 days trying to figure it out!!

Other tan that life is good in Ibiza. Sun is shinning every day, the flowers are amazing, the sea is calm and blue and the most important: warming up!!

Mayday is my Little helper at the diving centre, he loves it because he gets food from everyone and sleeps all day… What a life for a “rubbish” dog!!!
I think in the other hand,  Jack is depressed.
I´m trying to convince Karl and Matt to get a big tree and put it in the living room!! But i think they don´t even want to talk about it… poor Little cat! He needs to run and climb trees… at the end of the day, he is a cat, so I guess a free spirit… even if he acts like a dog sometimes.

Karl carry on with his photography and OMG, I´m a “be a top model for one day”. You should check it out at:  he is such a good photographer that I even look pretty with no photoshop!!

Oh oh oh and more news. I have been looking for a yoga school that teach Vinyasa yoga like crazy… with no luck. So I decided to go to hot yoga, twice at week. I liked it. Mostly because I feel that I sweat all the posible toxines of my body with it!! Like I said to my friend Kloklo, I sweated like a pig fu….g a giraphe… I know!!!! What a strange image right?? But is the first think that came to my mind… bless me!

Anyway guys, I hope you all are happy and in peace.

I send you lots of love and sunshine!