Monday, June 11, 2012

soul revolution!

To think about spirituality is part of my work at the moment.
Am I spiritual?
Do I really know what is to be spiritual?
Is there a description for spirituality?
Is there a model to follow?

Many questions come in to my mind when I see this word.
In my eyes, your principals, make your spirit, and your spirit, build your spirituality.
There is so many books you can read... they are no talking about YOU.
About who you are, where you live, what your job is... they are talking about humans in general...
Each one of us have his own universe.
I call it my bubble, call it the way you want.
Some of us have a garden, or an ocean, or a private space...
I have a bubble.
I paint the walls of my bubble many years ago.
I paint it pink, pink to see "la vie en rose".
But sometimes the paint fade, and you try another colour... and sometimes it doesn´t work.
Sometimes as well you invite people in your "bubble", your "space", your "universe" and they decide to change the colour of the walls, to redecorate, to change your confort zone...
Is that makes you happy?
Is that make them happy?
Do you want to be what other people want you to be, or you want to be what you feel in your heart that you want to be?
You have to decide.
Is your moment.
You are the only person you have for the rest of your life, so make sure that you love it, that you want to spend time with yourself, that the day you look at you in the mirror, you think that you doing it right, but right for YOU!

Hell was there and was no nice.
I didn´t like it.
Now... everything is good, because everything as something to offer (sorry, but not everyONE, but that´s just me been a little bit intolerent).
Wake up in the morning and feel good about where you are, about the people you are sharing this moment with and the sun shinning through the window.
Just feel happy to be healthy, to be smily, to be loved, to have a smelly dog and a crazy cat, to have a nice cup of coffee, to see beauty with your own eyes.

Just remember that spirituality start with yourself, with what you belive, with what you respect, with who you are....



Ps: don´t know where this came from, but I had it in my soul...