Friday, June 15, 2012

Little things...

That just make you feel better.

I went on the boat today with an advanced course. The first dive was nice, but the visibility was not so nice, but the second dive: ohwauuuuuu!! very clear water, full of life, a little chilly, but so beautiful.
The thing is that even if it´s early season, I have this massive cold today (thank you Mica!!), so by the time I was back on shore... I didn´t have any energy left!

Had some lunch... and in my lack of energy, went to get an ice cream (ice cream is good for everything!).

Having my Ice cream, Michel (he is a boy with a girl´s name) put some music on: very depressive Nirvana song.
So I´m sitting there, sick, feeling like shit, having to listen to that...
I look at Michel and said: "Do you have any other music that don´t make me feel like the urge of cutting my veins?"
Rob: " actually I think Kurt blow his brain with a shot gun after writing that song"
Michel: " Listen to that I want to blow my brains with a shot gun"
Isa: "that´s because you have never had a MAGNUM Gold"

You see... today Magnum could have save Kurt life!!!