Monday, June 4, 2012

Clean my beach up!!

we are in the news paper today!!!
Yesterday we had our first beach clean up called "CLEAN MY BEACH UP"!
It was amazing, we were over 30 people, and it was so mcush fun!
We picked up about 100 kilos of rubbish, mainly plastic bags...
Humans are incredibly disgusting!
I think people just put the rubbish in the sea like putting dust under the carpet!

Thank you all for coming in your day off.
Thank you to all the locals that came with water and sodas for all of us.
Thank you for the local bakery to make us nice bread, jamon, cheese...
Thank you to the kitchen staff of the hotel for the enormous amount of food for all this hungry divers.
Thank you Karl for using your day off to coma and guess what... take pictures...
Thank you for the newspaper to publish an article about it.
Thank you thank you thank you to make something important for me, important for all!!!