Friday, June 1, 2012

So that´s the story about a girl travelling to Koh lanta that decided to do a Photography course with Isa.
At the time she was working in BKK as a teacher in the international school and I was working in Lanta as a dive Instructor.
After the course and sun set drinks they say bye bye, keep in touch...
And they did.
Travelling back and forward from Spain-UK to Thailand we did many stop overs in Bkk.
Sometimes for a week, sometimes for 2 and even for a month!
As well, we had her visiting in Menorca, meeting my crazy family and becoming an excelent DM.
This winter when I was in St Martin, I received an email: Isa, I´m getting married!! Come to be my brides mate (I don´t know if you write it like that, but that will do).
I was so happy, and been in this side of the world I say YES!
But things change very quickly in my life and winds turned.
So I´m in Ibiza... wedding is in Canada, n the hight season... I can´t go... :-(
But REBECCA is coming!!
If I can not go to her to party and share the happiest day, then she is coming here!!
It´s amazing, friends are amazing, you don´t have many in your life, but the ones you have are forever!!
Sound very cheesy... but is so true!
Love my friends so much!!

I stole some pics from Rebecca´s facebook... we were young!! hahahaha
Love you Rebecca, and can´t wait for you to come!!