Monday, May 28, 2012

In Ibiza...

... the party start at 4.30pm!!
Yesterday, was THE day!
We were all waiting for Space opening party!!! yuhuuuu!!!
The season is finally starting, clubs are open, fun is there and most important: the island is full of random people!
Love to go to Space and love to do people watching and jump all over the place like a freak, with no toxic shit in my body:
Like Michel say: really Isa, you don't need drugs... I guess I really don't!

Thank you Paul for the free tickets, we felt like super VIPs jumping the queue and getting in for free when the entrance is bloody expensive!

We start the evening (afternoon) with mojitos and vodka red bull at the little bar next to us.
Was nice... me with one mojito... I'm already in the edge! shame, really I'm a cheap date!!
Then Space.
By the time we went in, around 7pm it was already packed!!
But everybody is dancing, smiling and just so happy (are drugs such a bad thing??). I don't know, but the only place where I have seen 10000 people dancing, drinking and smiling and been happy with no one fight, or one bad look: is Space! people don't really socialise either, but who cares... the music is good... people just want to have fun!

Was a great night, with great people and today... will be a very slow day...