Thursday, May 24, 2012

The story of the bucket

So, the only problem with this dive centre is that the cleaning area is inside.
So the first week I came here I decided to change that! it was no way I was going to be mopping the floor every day for 30 minutes after each dive.
Anyway, I asked and asked for a bucket and at the end they gave me "a" solution:
"we have an rubish, down in the garage, you can use it, we will bring it up to you"
Ok cool, I´m fine with that.
So we waited, and waited... for our massive rubbish to come...
Every day I was going to see the guys from maintenance to ask for it... and always "mañana".
After 2 weeks like that, when the guys from maintenance see me coming, they were running away and saying... mañana...
So finally, today was mañana... the rubbish is here and is disgusting!!!
So with Nick we decided to clean the shit out of it... very nice job for the boss and the manager, just because we feel bad to ask the instructors or DMTs to do it...
Anyway, put a mix of cleaning products inside, the smell was... undescriptable, we couldn´t even breath.
When the bucket was half full of shit water (real shit water), we decided to empty it...
Where?? in the only place we could... the shower...
By the time Nick lifted the bucked, the wheel moved and miss the shower so the dive centre was flotted with rubbish, shitty, smelly water all over: mmmmmmmm, what a nice feeling!
Anyway, all of that after 3 hours cleaning to say that in Spain a 2 minutes job, take about 4 weeks and as well that I´m a shit boss that prefer to clean the shit before asking anyone to do it... shame!

Other than that, Chloe posted 2 amazing pictures on facebook that made me lol!
No, I still not on facebook, but the dive centre have a profile that we share...
Here are the pictures:
Thank you Chloe, love them!!!

Today starbucks saved my life