Thursday, May 17, 2012

Can´t wait for tomorrow!!

So that´s where I´m going tomorrow, and honestly, I can´t wait!!
I´m not jumping so much in the water like I´m suppose to... because... I´m basically a shop bitch!
Nooooo, just jokng, it´s just that there is so many things to do out of the water that many days I have to stay dry...
But tomorrow, I´m going out!! yuhuuuuu
I´m going to Formentera, and I really love this dive site!
There is something special about it.
Normally the visibility it´s amazing and there is massive scools of barracudas turning around the massives poles that use to support the structure.
If you look closer, hundreds of nudis and in the holes very big eels!! it´s beautifull!
So actually, I´m excited about it!
I think I´m lucky to be excited about going to work.
Other than that, life is good.
Life is always good in my little bubble.
I had the guardia civil at the dive shop this morning, to control all the paper work, and they were really serious and with the face like a slapted ars, but at the end I manage that the capitain actually smile!!! oh wau!!! incredible! Even the owner of the hotel was surprised!! was funny...
I guess I have to get use to be in Spain again.
Here the diving industry is very... manly!!! shame!
They keep asking if I was really the manager and if I was really a dive instructor, and if really really I could teach diving etc... it was funny!
I don´t get frustrated about it any more...because I think the spanish macho culture will never change!
They got nearly ofended when I said I can dive but can´t cook!!!!!
Mayday is becoming the dog of the diving centre. He is so good.
He still very shy, but now he gets a little closer to people... is a little antisocial, but I guess he choose very carefully who to love: clever cooky!

Other than that I´m enjoying to live in Ibiza. Really love this Island and I´m so glad I decided to come here for the summer.
Sometimes you take bad decisions, and sometimes very good ones, so you keep the balance!
To come here was definitively a good one!

The good thing as well is that I´m close to my familly and my friends (goatsssssssssss this is for you!!) so I expect visits!!! yuhuuuu!!

Lots of love