Wednesday, May 9, 2012


So, what is new on the drifting Island? In case you don't know they say that the Balearics Islands just drift... no attachment to the ground, so maybe that's why so many people come to Ibiza to get lost and then... find themselves...
The sun has been shinning every day and little by little the Island is getting busier.
I like nice and quiet, but we need divers!!!
We have been a little busy, so that's very nice, some courses here and there and some discover scuba diving too!
So we are pretty happy.
Water is cold, but clear and so blue!!

The great thing is that we have some time for us, to have fun and to see the island now that is not so busy.
I will put some pictures soon, but the DSDs are coming back and I need to do some work.... paper work.... grrrrrrrr.....
Loving it!!!

Will be back soon...