Monday, July 2, 2012

Jack in a sugar rush!

I knew my little pets were different... but not sooooo different.
A dog and a cat BFF... that is for starters
A cat that stop when you say no, come when you call his name, eats dog food, clean the dog´s ears and feet etc etc...

But on Saturday that was the best one.

I love jam.
Any Jam (my favourite Marmelade) but in Spain Marmelade is not so good, so I get my second favourite: blackberry jam.

So I´m eating my jam, from the pot, and the cat is there, anoying me, pushing me with his feet, trying to put his head in the jam pot, so ok, you want jam, so you are going to get jam.
I take a spoon full of jam and put it in front of his face, thinking, he doesn´t going to like that, so is going to leave me alone... but NO.
He start leaking the spoon like mad, like it was a tuna box or something, and suddently, all the jam is gone... and suddently, a few minutes later, JACK LOST HIS MIND!
Start to run crazy, jump on us, attaking anything that make a small little movement (so nearly everything).
He start hidding behind the pillows, with his ears down and his eyes wide open, and jumping on all of us, even Mayday (he was freaking out).

It was sooooo funny, my cat was actually on a sugar rush!!!

Hours of fun....

Lots of love


ps: Is not that I give a dam.... but Spain is CHAMPION!!! hahahahahaha
ps2: I just wrote for my sister Cecile that text me at every goal thinking that I was actually interested
ps3: I went actually to see the match, but just because I wanted to hang out with the guys
ps4:my back was facing the screan
ps5: love you sister, but i really don´t like football, sorry
ps6: bueno vale.... menos Iker Casillas! hahahahaha