Wednesday, July 25, 2012

and life goes on....

There is days like today when I realise slowly that life just goes on...
There is always a before and an after, but in between.... life goes on.
There is calm days, stressful days, happy days and you realise they were happy, because you have as well sad days.

Today I took Virginie underwater. She is an old friend, and I´m very fond on her. She is an amazing woman.
She told me something very special today.
She said that I was the person in between, the one that show a new world to somebody from this world... like a spirit guide, or a ferry man... I don´t know how to put in english her words... but it´s nice.
In a way, today, I changed a little bit her life.
I took her underwater, and all her fears desapered, she felt confortable, happy and her eyes were so full of life... and me, I was just smiling....

That´s how water makes me feel every day.
The predive, the dive and the post dive... everything as a total!

I always wanted to change lives, to make them better, writing a book, taking a pictures, making people react, feel something different... for a long time, I thought I fell... but I think I haven´t.
I can change something in people, I can make them have feelings that they have never have before.

And I realised, that´s what my life is about.
I´m thinking about this DALI painting.
There is a kid holding a corner of the sea and pulling the sea up, and underneath you can see a dog sleeping peacefully, in a way, I´m the kid pulling this corner of the sea to allowed people to have a look...

I love it....