Friday, July 27, 2012

Taking the time...

Yesterday I was super tired, and super relaxed!
Virginie balanced my energy with a super massage, and my yan energy was down and my yin energy was up... I was nice and quiet! (i´m sure lot of people loved it! hahahaha).
In the afternoon I didn´t even want to go to yoga, actually I made a try to go at lunch time, but I was so out that I checked the time table wrong and I went at 2h30pm, but that´s the class of tuesday!!!!
So came back to the dive centre and didn´t want to go anymore... I just wanted to take the time, enjoy my time.

The sky was grey and cloudy yesterday and the sea so wavy... I love when the sea show that she has passion!

Went for a walk, and it started rainning so hard.... taking the time to walk under the summer rain: how great is that!
Allowed the rain to clean your mind, to clean your heart to clean your spirit...

After watching Avatar for the 10th time (I love this movie), We went for the evening walk. The land was smelling nice and fresh, earthy...
The moon was behind the clouds, giving a very special light to the night.
The moon has this special power to bring people together...
I guess is because we are water and the moon moves water...
Every time I look at the moon I know there is somebody I love looking at the moon too, close or far from me... but is such an amazing feeling!

When I was in St Marteen we had the pleasure to see Venus Jupiter and the Moon aligned, so I took my phone and call my dad, and guess what? He was in the garden in Madrid, looking at them and thinking about calling me to don´t miss it!!!

How great is that!!

Anyway, just don´t forget to TAKE THE TIME, because really it makes you feel good!!!