Wednesday, July 18, 2012

about the car breaking down....

So, during the time Rebecca was here we had little adventures here and there but actually one was hysterical.

We were going to dinner with all the guys, Damian, was taking us all out for dinner to a secret place (BTW, the best place ever, with the most amazing grilled fish ever).
So we dropped Mica at home, with the plan that we will meet her later, and went home.
We have been saying for a few days that the breaks of the car were a little OFF.
It´s an old car, with a lot of caracter, and a little bit of a death trap.

Anyway, we arrived to our village, and just when we were going to pull into the parking we hear a big BOOM!!
I look at Rebecca and say:
Rebecca quick, I think we lost a wheel!
So Rebecca run out of the car to confirm that the 4 wheels are there, we started laughting (i don´t know if you spell this word like that, but anyway, that´s nothing to do with the story).
So Rebecca look at me and say:
But look there is a piece of something on the floor...
so she goes and grab it and burn her hand... WTF!!!
Anyway, by this point we are blocking the entrance of the parking, I can´t stop smiling, but I feel bad as well because Rebecca burned her hand.
So I say to Rebecca
I´m going to move the car and try to park.
By the time I put myself ready in position to drive I realised that THERE IS NO BREAKS AT ALL and nearly crash in the car just in front of me!!!!

Hystherical (have you notice that every time I write this word the spelling is different?), so manage to stop the car without crashing, Rebecca is on pain, and me I´m hot and laughting...

So I take the phone and call Karl (he is an engineer, he knows about things breaking down) and I say to him:
A piece of the car fell off in the middle of the road!!!

Karl start laughting too and come over to meet us at the car.
At this point I´m trying to reorganise the pick ups for the evening, the timings of the diner, and the big truck to pic up the pieces of car!

Rebecca has blisters,and she is asking all the time if they will stay on her hand until the wedding and I feel so gilty!!!

Anyway, was an adventure!
At the end we went for this amazing diner on the Rocks, in an illigal, delicious little restaurant, and had lots of wine and amazing grilled fish and rebecca make us this incredible impression about her first HOT YOGA class! hilarious!!!!

Friends, good food and good wine.... anything else you need??