Friday, April 27, 2012

Ibiza 2012

Ibiza 2012!!

So here I am, on THE Island!!
Sun is shinning and all the wild flowers are out!
The island is quiet still, so just floating in a relaxing atmosphere before the storm!

Found an apartment, is like walking in the 70’s!
Is so freaky, and the electric system, so dangerous!! If I put the washing machine and I want to do the washing up at the same time, I get electric shock trough the tap water!!! Oh shit, that’s going to burn the little dive instructor neurons that I have left!

Other than that, the dive centre look great and I can’t wait to be the 1st of May to open up and wait at the airport for Rob to arrive!!!

Went for a dive the other day, I know I such a chicken, but I was wearing a 5mm underneath my semi dry suit!! The poor DSD were freezing. Me I was ok in my 12mm of neoprene but secretly feeling very sorry for the 4 Indians (From Mumbai!!) and 2 Brazilians that were turning blue little by little… bless…
Nick wanted to invite us for dinner, to thank us for our help, and he asked me: what do you fancy? And the first think that came out of my mouth were CURRY!!!

Tomorrow I’m going to Denia, to fill up the batteries before the big start!
As well I’m going to pick up Mayday and Jack.
So our house is going to look like a rescue centre again!
Actually to pick them up in Denia is the perfect excuse for me to get to eat a nice paella, amazing tapas and hug my uncle, aunt and cousins that are there for the week end along with my parents!
Apparently the weather is going to be shit! But in Denia, who cares?
There is nothing more amazing than long walks on the beach under the rain, reading on the terrace looking at the angry sea, siesta next to the chimney, really, who cares??? Just a relaxing time…
I will make sure that on Monday morning before taking the boat back, I’m going to the market to get some nice things to bring back for emergency moments!!

By the way, as you probably have notice, I don’t really have internet connection.
I just use a “micro penis” from Vodafone that cost a little fortune to refill (I hate Vodafone!). Even is the “micro penis” is full, sometimes the internet connection still rubbish… loving the lack of technology…
Soon I will be down at the Diving centre all day, so in between dive I will have some more time to keep you posted!

Hope this find you all happy and full of energy, ready for the summer, the sun and the sea.

Lots of love

Just me…

Ps: more pictures to come…