Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Play when you Play...

... and I love to play!

Starting backwards...

Tonight is full moon... so guess what... we are going for a night dive: I can't wait!! is going to be amazing! just swimming under the moon light is amazing so diving.... imagine!

Last week end was our first sunday off for ages, so on Saturday night we tried to play as hard as we could (we were soooo tired) but we didn't do so bad!

Drinks and PACHA.... dancing and laughing how healthy is that!!??
I had such a good night :-)

                                             the girls...

and the boys....

The next day started as a very lazy sunday... coffee x 10, messy hair, slow motion movement... but when coffee number 3 kicked in, we went first to Bernard's house to chill out at the swimming pool and have spaghettis Bolo, mmmmmm, and then last minute call, last minute plan: Let's go and see the sun set and moon rise from the most beautiful island: FORMENTERA

So Damian came an d picked us up, and we went to formentera....
i have no more vocabulary... i'm rubbish really.... just OH WAUUUUUUUUU


with Borja

Es Vedra, The magic Rock

The moon, my moon!

With Juju

Night swim

A Wally!! My favourite boat ever!

Just happy

All of us

Barbie Hangover fait de la plongée ;-)

I hope you are all good, happy and smily... life is good in Ibiza, I'm just trying to make it even better... personal work ;-)

August is from far the month to put things into place...

Peace and love