Thursday, September 5, 2013

and then...

... I was on my bed... feeling September coming through my window and thinking... shit! time goes so fast!

Again September, again life is turning, again, again, again...

My world never stay steal... is going so fast...

When I came to Ibiza 3 years ago, I became a yoga instructor. That was an amazing experience and probably on the long run, cheaper than having to pay for a psychologist.
My head, heart and soul were broken, and they needed a strong fix.
And little by little I did... very slowly...

I went to St Martin, and I worked as a dive instructor and as a yoga instructor.
I had the most amazing house, with my own yoga room, it was great.
I met Mayday and Jack, so if i think back... things were not so bad at all.

Then from St Martin, I came to Ibiza, to manage what was at the time a project, and what has become a good dive centre.

I spent 6 month working hard, diving hard, and loving it.
Then it was the time.
The time to do my Course Director Training Course.
To do the application took me 6 month of preparation, business plan, staffing IDCs and of course working at the same time!
I worked so hard... I finish the season in Thailand... tired...
But came back to Ibiza and on the 10th of May, the answer was in my email:
YOU ARE IN!! wuauuuuuuuuuu, I couldn't believe it!
I was going to Dominican Republic for 10 days, to become (or try to become) a CD, OMG! One of my life dreams was knocking at my door!

And suddenly everything was done.
I was back in Ibiza, with a piece of paper that says that I can teach Instructor, the head full of memories, and some new good people in my heart!

August has been crazy. No stop. Lovely!
Just the way I like it!
No life, is my life! This is my day by day... my smile on my face.

And now is September again, and I'm planing my next move.
Back to yoga with my fantastic teacher Seb.
Enjoying the beautiful light of Ibiza... sipping my coffee away...
Another day in my own life.
The life I love.

No bad... really, not bad at all...

My BD diner, amazing, thank you boys!

At my night, the Night I became a CD officially... guess what, I was not wearing shoes!!

Celebrating that life is amazing... on the beach!

With Thomas, from PADI Asia, very funny!

Mayday, loving it!

morning coffee

Staffing IDCs with Rich: thank you, thank you, thank you

With Nat, my sunshine during the CDTC!

At Punta Cana

Going to Formentera, lovely sunday in Ibiza!

Morning coffee

My replacement! Avec Tampax, tu peux tout faire!

my finssssssss


With Bernard, another great thing that happen in the last year!

Morning coffee AGAIN!


More bubbles

A rainbow... showing me the way for a treasure...

Morning... guess what?? COFFEEEEEEE