Friday, November 29, 2013

it's nice...

... when you get a request... because somebody is missing to read you on your blog.
Sorry, I have been crazy busy building castles in the sky, without permission.

I saw that I didn't write anything for such a long time... such a long long time.
I guess facebook, wapp take over our lives... and actually that's shit.

The think, to be honest, I like to write on the blog when everything is fine... and in my private "world" when my life turn to shit... so... i have been in my world for most of the summer, just posting happy moments, because life is never shit... all of it!

Summer in Ibiza finished full of changes... i guess... good changes for all of us.
They say that is "fall" time, winds turn... and is very true, because every "fall" I go somewhere different...

So now, I'm back here:

Where my life started 8 years ago... and 8 years later, it's starting again.
A new cycle i guess.
New cycles are good... I always thought that my life was changing every 6 months... but actually it's every 8 years! See, mum and dad, I'm not such an unstable person... I can put "kind of" roots for 8 years! How cool is that!
I can't even believe it! ;-)

We will talk about it in 8 years time...

So yes... i'm on Lanta.
That until now, was the second island of my heart.
Now is just a nice island... things change... people... not sure yet...

I miss Ibiza, my home, my hairy ones... the light, the people, the soul and freedom of the white island.

To be fair... I'm free here too... super free... except teaching the IDC... then I'm all Matilda's.

My girl in her workshops.

Anyway, I will try to come here more often and write more things... maybe get more private about my life and my feelings... or maybe not... sometimes I just enjoy my mysterious ways to deal with life (even mysterious for me!).

Miss you all

Peace and love from very rainy Lanta

Just me