Saturday, November 30, 2013

Day off and breakfast


How nice...

To wake up later, stretch in the bed and come to the dive centre for a staff meeting at 9h30.

I already had a coffee at home... but this... this is REAL

I'm so glad Quinn from the dive centre Go Dive, opened this little place on the river. it's beautiful... and the coffee is great... and they have:

For people to just come and play... so cool, so chill...

So now going home in a minute, not very inspired today about writing... I just want to sink my  bare feet in the sand and feel the sun burning my back.

I just want to feel life, to feel alive.

Tomorrow it will be a new day in the office, but not in my little hippy office that I have at Kontiki:

That is probably runing my boss crazy (but he doesn't say anything... just smiles and walk away like he hasn't seen anything), but I'm going to my real office... to make some bubbles underwater... to feel free... I can't wait!

Anyway, moving on... going home...

peace and love, lovely people!