Friday, December 20, 2013


... Christmas is nearly here... Christmas and of course... New year... Leaving behind 2013.. and entering 2014...

I'm not really sure I'm able to process all the things that have happened to me this year.
I'm not even sure I can remember it all.

I was in the same island last year that I am this year.
That's a start... but my life was a little bit different then.

I love Xmas time. And the last Xmas I can remember is 4 xmas ago.
When my niece was a baby... when I managed to spend it with my loved ones.

Now I'm here in Lanta, a little far from Family and friends. Of course I have amazing friends here... but... I miss so many people right now...

I sent some xmas card, because I do that every year and hopefully they make it for Easter!

Where to start:

My Family, you all know who you are... so that's easy...
Thank you for your amazing support throughout this year. It was a challenge for me, and you guys were there from start to finish.
I'm doing everything that is in my hand to change a little my way of life and get closer to you guys... more accessible. I don't want to miss out on you... so Ibiza it is...
I wish you an amazing xmas, I can believe that I'm missing the 25 with all of you, food, guitars, singing, laughing but I'm looking forward to a skype session with all of you!
I wish you all an amazing 2014, full of happiness!

Doudou, you are my family, but I have a special message to tell you: My life will be so much more empty if I didn't know you!
You always look for sunshine, but you are THE sunshine!
Bright and warm!
Thank you for an amazing emotional year! see you in 2014 for more sun, trips, peace and love! I love you

Karlitos Brown (and my hairy boys), what can I say, that you don't know...
As well, you are up there, where it says FAMILY.
As well as an incredible friend.
Thank you to be there.
I wish you all the best in your new adventures, I know... good things will blow your side, because they have already done.
I wish you and Doris an amazing 2014, and can't wait to see you both soon in Ibiza. Lots of love!

Bernard, Joan and Frank, my Ibicencan Family, I'm so blessed you guys are part of my life.
I can see many things happening together, many trips (Joan, Bali is ON!), many dives and many glasses of wine!
I love you all very much, thank you as well to be exactly the way you guys are.

My Somni Blau/Ibiza Family: Thank you for another incredible year, can't wait to be there in April and rock it!
Thank you to all of you to be such helpful happy people!
The crew at MP2, at the Sushi (specially you Diana, I love you!), the beautiful people crew, with of course special affection for Pepe (how can you be so RANCIO ;-)) and Agus, to have become somebody special in my life... that finally understand that I'm a free soul, to protect, not to possess... Thank you to be there!
Merry xmas guys and very happy new year full of love and Happiness!

Kontiki team, I wish you all an amazing 2014, thank you to welcome me with open arms, to take care of me, to make sure I am ok every day... and to never asked too many questions... to just be there for me.
You guys are the warmest coolest people in the world (a little too emotional for my taste, but I love you!).

There is so many more people I will love to mention.
But right here, right now... this are the ones that have helped me through a very stormy 2013... sea is getting calmer?? I'm not sure... but for sure I'm learning to sail... and I realised... I'm not alone on my boat!

Dear all, Merry Xmas, and all my best wishes for 2014!

Peace and Love