Friday, September 5, 2014

The beauty of a "gypsy" life

So here I am, at bernard's house... really a fantastic place to be for a gypsy like me.
This is just lovely. And guess what? I'm on Holidays!!
really! this is not a joke, is a TRUE STORY! hahahaha

Anyway, how did I end up here, in the beginning of september, where did my summer go, where i am going now... living in transit.... it could be the tittle of my life.

So I worked at Somni Blau till the 1st of August, and for some reasons that I don't want to talk about anymore... I left, actually we all left... The captain was first, follow by me, Borja and the same day Pablo sign his contract he gave his resignation letter...

But anyway, past is past.
Thank to that I started working for Scuba Ibiza. And I had so much FUN!
The team is amazing, diving all the time (forget about accounts) and I made amazing friends! So for that, I'm totally thankful.
My contract was for 1 month and they ask me to stay 15 days more... but I needed time to organise my crazy little unstable life.

I'm leaving my "totally in my heart" Island on the 19th (but I will be back soon baby) and I'm going to Madrid till the 27th... and then Bali....
My other beautiful island.

In the meanwhile, I moved with Pablo all the apartment. Is incredible the amount of stuff (shit) that a person (a few) can have.
The C2 was really a Gypsy car, going back and forward to Bernard's house while I was cleaning like a maniac.

Now I have something called TIME...
wuauuuuu sound nearly scary.
I dive, I drink coffee during hours and I prepare the IDCs for Bali... something I actually really love.

I bought a book yesterday, with the plan to read it in less than 3 days... that will prove myself that I can be sitting down... with doing nothing...

"Il dolce far niente"

I read this once and I always thought it sounded beautiful... now I have to experience it!