Tuesday, October 21, 2014

no other way...

So, in Bali for the last 3 weeks...

Has been a little crazy and a little mixed emotions at the beginning... and it looks now that I'm finally settling down and finding my way.

I'm teaching an IDC at the moment, so that's make my day busy, doing something that I love, of course and when the afternoon comes and my day is over, I run... I run as much as I can... for an hour... but I run... is a strange feeling the need that your body build day by day for going running, go faster and further...

When I finish, I do yoga, and by the time I go home... I'm so tired... that I can just fall asleep on my bed, wondering if today I was good, for my Karma to be good... and I sleep and I dream...

And I realise that my life couldn't be any other way, because what I am today is what I'm fighting for....
And I drink my first coffee and think at the people that love me... that are the same people that I fall asleep with.
And I wonder if they are OK, and happy and i hope that today they will have a great day.

And then for a micro second, I think about the people that hurt me, is a small second... because I know they don't deserve it... because I didn't deserved been hurt on the first place.
And I sip into my coffee and light a cigarette and know that today it will be a great day.

I know why I love this island, and the more time I spend alone, the more I know that some of the things I have done, were the best decisions ever!

I lift incense to the gods to thank them to take care... and if is all in the imagination... who cares... it makes me happy to thank for an amazing day and for the incredible people that are in my life, and I even thank for the people that left my life, because they will be hurting me and making me cry and I don't want.
I cried enough already!

Life is good and beautiful, and I'm 34 and I can still run for 10km in 65 minutes... so hey!

Peace and love

Just me... no other way