Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Because I'm always faraway....

For the last 12 years I live "on the move".
Sometimes I think is time to settle down... but I get itchy feet... what can I do?
Is there a cure for that?
Is it wrong to be a Gypsy?
Is it wrong to don't have any roots?

Actually, is not at all true. I do have roots.
My roots are made of my family and my memories.
My family lives in Madrid, so part of me is in Madrid.
My Family lives in Munich, so part of me is in Munich.
My family lives in Perpignan, so part of me is in Perpignan.
My family lives in London (we are not really genetically related... but is Family), so part of me lives in London.
I have a brother in Ibiza too, a cousin in Brazil, a sister in Canada... and I can go on and on like that...

I'm everywhere and there are all here.
The problem about this life, is that is hard to get a hug from them sometimes...
And there is days when you just want to hear your niece laughing, your mum shouting, your Grand mother saying surrealistic commentaries... there is just days like that.

But you make a choice.
You decide that your life is on the go, and that you like it this way.
You decide that packing is not so bad, and unpacking is even better.
You decide that seen the most beautiful dive spots of your life is part of your goal in life... you decide, you decide... until you speak with your dad in the phone, and he tells you that seen you only a month at year really sucks, you change you mind when you see the smile of you niece in Skype, as well when you read the emails of your sister and you can't wait to see her. You think twice, when your friends are missing you and you miss them so badly too....

There is times...

But then my sister sent me that and put a smile in my face:

And then I feel than even if I'm far, I'm not invisible.
Even here, they still think about me and they make me present in there lives.

Same for me.
When I see something really cool underwater, I wish my cousins were here, with me.
If I see something very funny, eat something disgusting, laugh so hard that i cry... I wish you were all here to can share it!

I don't know why today all of this came this way...
Just, I guess I miss you guys...

Lots of love