Monday, February 6, 2012


So, some news...
Still no internet at home, but hopefully tomorrow, so will be easier to be a freaky blogger! hahahaha

My friend Chloe (Klo) is arriving tomorrow, so that's lots of fun, and my sister and niece in a few days, I can't wait!!

Mayday got in a "street fight" and now he looks like scar face... shame... he is fine, but a little bit traumatise I think. We took a picture of his face and he looks like he has been boxing! Actually the other dog didn't get any scratch... my dog is such a girl!

Still not very integrated in living in THE system... but things get done little by little... (god I miss the illegality and the corruption!).
Like my cousin Kiko say, a little bit of illegality it's always good!

I will post some pictures soon, I have really no time!
My days are not long enough and my nights are definitively too short...

My lovely yoga student left on sunday :-( I wish her all the best, and hope to visit her this summer in Sardinia!! yuhuuuu!! Miss you already!

The good news, is that I'm getting booking on the internet to teach yoga! that's so cool! I have reservation for the end of February and March!

Anyway guys, hope you are all good and happy
Just came back from 2 dives, and I had so much fun... so today I'm in such a good spirit!
So thinking about you all
Remember to look at the moon, because we are looking at the same moon!

Lots of love
ps: " If you don't live in what you believe, you are not honest" Gandhi